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Rebrand DIY Products for the New Year

There is no better time to reassess, recharge, rebirth, and rebrand than the new year. New year beginnings were made for a fresh start. With that in mind, if you have a small DIY brand selling things like cosmetics, body care products, or beauty products, or really any DIY product that comes in packaging, have [...]

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Make A Lightshade from Repurposed Bottle Caps

The modern consumer is always looking for inventive new ways to reduce waste. Sometimes it involves buying in bulk, and sometimes it involves repurposing used goods, like plastics, into something new and useful, something that will keep the packaging out of the seas and landfills. We support this pursuit, and are here with a creative [...]

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Perfume, and Romantic Scents Find a Home in the 50 ml Perfume Glass Bottle

As we detailed in an earlier post, at All In Packaging we can help you in many aspects of labeling and packaging for Valentine’s Day, and can even offer some fun DIY projects to do with your loved one. But where we have always shined is with containers, which are the mainstay of any packaging [...]

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Special Edition Valentine’s Day Labels

Due to the uptick in consumer spending for the February 14 holiday, lots of companies put special labels on their Valentine’s Day-appropriate products in order to stand out. Some will go so far as to create limited editions of their products to capture the consumer’s attention, but in many cases, a Valentine’s Day label will [...]

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DIY Valentine’s Day Vase from a Plastic Bottle

It’s almost February 14th, which means that couples in many Western countries are hearing a lot about Valentine’s Day, and are being encouraged to purchase things like chocolates, flowers, and jewelry to mark this romantic holiday. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it needn’t be all about consumerism, and indeed you can even use the [...]

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What Container to Choose For Storing Essential Oils

Essential oils are increasingly being used in all sort of products, not to mention on their own. From aromatherapy candles to bath oils and room fresheners, essential oils are an ‘essential’ ingredient. Their popularity is in part due to DIY producers and small manufacturers who offer an alternative to industrial products that may use artificial, [...]

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How Consumer Buying Trends Is Influenced By Labelling

Why is labelling so important? Do you realize that as a consumer, your buying decision is actually influenced by the labelling you see on a product? Labelling has always been crucial for a product; its design and  product information play a big role in its sales, something that is is not frequently considered. Advertising agencies [...]

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Creating Your Own Brand

There is no question that the DIY and small business movement is stronger than ever, and made up of people fearlessly creating their own brands. The driving force here is people who are manufacturing their own products -- things like cosmetics -- and becoming entrepreneurs and selling their goods locally and/or over the Internet. But [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

These days, consumers have more choice than ever. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about home cleaning products, body care products, or cosmetics -- there has never before been this much competition to capture the buying public’s attention. And with the ascendancy of e-commerce, shopping on the Web has only multiplied the consumer’s choice [...]

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Halloween Decor Using PET Bottles

Halloween is one of those holidays that people from all over the world are increasingly coming to celebrate. That’s because Halloween is a day when you can really let loose with your imagination as well as thrill to the creativity of others. But it’s not just about dressing up and trick or treating -- decorations [...]

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Design vs. Usefulness (The First and Second Purchase)

It is no secret that the only way to build and sustain a business is to cultivate return customers. This comes in two stages: first attracting the customer, then retaining their loyalty when they need to make another (second) purchase. These are both distinct but equally important stages in your relationship with the customer, and [...]

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