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How to Make Vegan Soap

Vegan products are on the rise, which is a topic we covered in an earlier post. Cosmetics and body care products makers are scrambling to fill this new market with vegan-friendly products. This is because, no matter what your lifestyle, veganism is quickly becoming mainstream. That said, until very recently, many vegans had to create [...]

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The Trend of Vegan Cosmetics

There is no question that veganism is moving from being a fringe culture to closer to the mainstream. Many high-end restaurants and even pubs will offer a vegan option or two. For some people, this way of life goes far beyond just eating, but expands into the clothing they wear and the products they use. [...]

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Three Types Of Containers Used In Packaging

Containers are quite a popular packaging device used for various purposes and in diverse industries. They are used in the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics packaging industry, and even at home for storing a variety of foodstuffs. The utility of containers in different industries is infinite – you will find them in various sizes, shapes, and [...]

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Reasons Why Cardboard Boxes Make an Essential Packaging Option

Cardboard boxes have been around for a long time. We have them in different sizes for packaging different items. These boxes are used in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and for packaging industrial products as well. Cardboard boxes are said to be an essential packing option, quite popular among people who need to transport [...]

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Plastic vs Glass Packaging – What Is Your Choice?

Plastic and Glass -- both are quite popular as a material for packaging. There is a lot of debate over the use of plastic or glass as the preferred medium of packaging. Both of these materials have a set of advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for use in packaging. You can use plastic [...]

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Benefits of Paper Bag Packaging

Paper bags were first introduced in the year 1852, and since then these bags have become highly popular. Plastic bags are said to be a big competitor of the paper bag because plastic is usually inexpensive and available in different shapes and sizes. Paper bags were first a bit uncommon and not much preferred, but [...]

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The Advantages of Argan Oil

In our quest to bring DIY, and manufacturers of all sizes, raw ingredients for cosmetics, skin, body care, and beauty products, we have discovered that people are increasingly turning to argan oil as an ingredient. This is not surprising, as argan oil has so much to offer with its natural curative properties. Read on to [...]

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Rebrand DIY Products for the New Year

There is no better time to reassess, recharge, rebirth, and rebrand than the new year. New year beginnings were made for a fresh start. With that in mind, if you have a small DIY brand selling things like cosmetics, body care products, or beauty products, or really any DIY product that comes in packaging, have [...]

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Make A Lightshade from Repurposed Bottle Caps

The modern consumer is always looking for inventive new ways to reduce waste. Sometimes it involves buying in bulk, and sometimes it involves repurposing used goods, like plastics, into something new and useful, something that will keep the packaging out of the seas and landfills. We support this pursuit, and are here with a creative [...]

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Perfume, and Romantic Scents Find a Home in the 50 ml Perfume Glass Bottle

As we detailed in an earlier post, at All In Packaging we can help you in many aspects of labeling and packaging for Valentine’s Day, and can even offer some fun DIY projects to do with your loved one. But where we have always shined is with containers, which are the mainstay of any packaging [...]

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Special Edition Valentine’s Day Labels

Due to the uptick in consumer spending for the February 14 holiday, lots of companies put special labels on their Valentine’s Day-appropriate products in order to stand out. Some will go so far as to create limited editions of their products to capture the consumer’s attention, but in many cases, a Valentine’s Day label will [...]

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DIY Valentine’s Day Vase from a Plastic Bottle

It’s almost February 14th, which means that couples in many Western countries are hearing a lot about Valentine’s Day, and are being encouraged to purchase things like chocolates, flowers, and jewelry to mark this romantic holiday. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it needn’t be all about consumerism, and indeed you can even use the [...]

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What Container to Choose For Storing Essential Oils

Essential oils are increasingly being used in all sort of products, not to mention on their own. From aromatherapy candles to bath oils and room fresheners, essential oils are an ‘essential’ ingredient. Their popularity is in part due to DIY producers and small manufacturers who offer an alternative to industrial products that may use artificial, [...]

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