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All About the Stand Up Pouch with Window

Every now and again a container comes along that is so right for its purpose that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Such is the case with the stand up pouch with a transparent window. The benefits of using this pouch for certain products are numerous, but we will only detail the most prominent ones [...]

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The Advantages of Screen Printing

Silk screen printing has been around for centuries, and remains a popular method of printing images on to all sorts of surfaces. Its endurance as a printing method is not for no good reason: there are plenty of advantages screen printing has over even the most modern technologically advanced methods of printing. Read on to [...]

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The Benefits of Corporate Branded Giving

While we typically think of branding as having to do with products and services for sale on store shelves on over the web, there is also another place where corporate branding gets showcased. This is on the free goods given within a company and beyond in the form of gifts. There are a lot of [...]

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All About Roll On Bottles

With the air warming up, the sun coming out, and the seasons changing from winter to spring, and summer not long off, concerns turn to warm weather clothing and the accompanying inconveniences of perspiration and underarm odor. That’s when sales of antiperspirants and deodorants spike. Such products, be they DIY or manufactured by a large [...]

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The Advantages of Pad Printing

In our quest to be a full service, hybrid supplier, we have been active recently in promoting our label design and printing services. But of course when it comes to printing labels or decorations directly onto packaging, you have many options, and the more you know about the advantages of each printing method, the better [...]

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Uses of the Box-in-Bag Tap

The box-in-bag is an increasingly popular way of packaging drinks like wine and fruit juices, as well as soft syrups and even some condiments. There are a variety of reasons behind this, but foremost, it allows for an easy delivery system for liquids bought in bulk. It is cost-effective, and convenient, which is a combination [...]

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Advantages of UV Printing for Labels and Decoration

No matter what the field, it pays to work with experienced people. Such is the case when you are looking for consultation on, and execution of, labeling and packaging decoration. If the people you hire know their business, the results will be assured. We are here to share a few tips from our extensive expertise [...]

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Make a Water Filtration System From a Plastic Bottle

It’s no secret that many plastic bottles are used once, discarded, and never reused or re-purposed. Part of the goal of this blog is to alert consumers to ways of making use of their plastic packaging once it has fulfilled its original purpose. This week we are here with an idea that is doubly clean: [...]

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Why Do You Need Packaging?

Packaging is needed for a number of reasons, which includes expressing the main utility of the product. Each product comes with a promise, an assurance, and a purpose, which is well conveyed through its packaging. Thus, good packaging is known to ensure repeat purchase, increased sales, and increased profitability. Good packaging is needed for a [...]

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The Many Hidden Advantages of Glass Packaging

Packaging is an important aspect of increasing sales, brand image, and improving revenue. Manufacturers understand that packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the product, retaining its quality, and satisfying the needs of the customers. Packaging materials are selected after considering various facts, which include the type of good which is packaged, the customers who [...]

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Considerations for Excellent Packaging

Packaging trends keep changing – manufacturers seek out innovative packaging, friendly designs, and great styles when considering packing their products. Excellent packaging is the way to ensure brand promotion, protection of the products packaged, and the perfect and full utility of the product packaged. Excellent packaging is best described as the way of packaging that [...]

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Buy Plastic Containers for Packaging

Plastic containers are an integral part of the packaging industry. They are widely used all over the world due to their low cost, convenience of use, and ease of storage. When you choose to buy plastic containers for the purpose of packaging, you have many choices. There are many different kinds of containers available, of [...]

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