Recycled Bottle Cap Spiders for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, people are looking for creative, fun ways to decorate their houses and costumes. How about considering hand-making some decorations, like spiders, using materials like plastic bottle caps. Recycling plastic bottle caps from containers such as tubes, bottles, and toddles won’t just be fun for friends and family, it will make good [...]

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Halloween Decor Using PET Bottles

Halloween is one of those holidays that people from all over the world are increasingly coming to celebrate. That’s because Halloween is a day when you can really let loose with your imagination as well as thrill to the creativity of others. But it’s not just about dressing up and trick or treating -- decorations [...]

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Lip Balms for Lip Care

With the weather turning colder and the wind becoming blustery, lips are in danger of getting chapped and rough. A great solution is lip balm, which moistens and protects the lips against the elements. Because lip balm is an important part of a winter skin care regime, we are providing some information about lip balm [...]

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DIY Deodorant

Sweating, particularly from the underarm, is a natural occurrence, and one that seems to happen with more frequency in the warmer months of the year. But like all of our bodies’ functions, we sweat for a reason: to rid ourselves of the natural toxins the body accumulates. Underarm antiperspirants and deodorants, while frequently effective in [...]

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Brilliant Uses of Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers are wonderful devices. They are inexpensive, versatile, and even fun to use. With fine or jet spray modes, they are traditionally used for cleaning products, though most gardeners have long known that an empty container can be filled with water to water plants with. But home users are endlessly inventive, and have discovered [...]

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PP Containers and their Uses

When it comes to practicality and usefulness in a container, consumers and manufacturers have a hard time doing better than a basic PP container, which built its reputation on its dependability and versatility. This container is a packaging staple that is relied upon for all sorts of uses, some of which we will detail below. [...]

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Important Tools for DIY Cosmetics Makers

More and more often, industrious enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are making their own consumer goods. From soaps to soy sauce, insect repellant to body lotion, the DIY--as in, Do It Yourself--mindset has never been more in vogue. But perhaps one of the most popular DIY fields is that of cosmetics.   Top online influencers have named [...]

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How to Keep Cool in the Heat of Summer

We all know that in summer the weather can get unbearably hot. Not everybody can afford an air-conditioner, and many in fact prefer not to have one for health reasons. That doesn’t mean that creative people don’t have options for DIY solutions to hack summer and keep cool. Read on and discover a few simple [...]

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The Most Popular Ingredients For DIY Cosmetics

When using everyday beauty products, we’re becoming more aware of what we’re putting on our skin. Many of us now look to avoid the chemicals often found in shop-bought cosmetics, ditching conventional cosmetics in favour of homemade cosmetic products that require only a few, natural ingredients.   A quick search online will reveal hundreds of [...]

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Clever Ways to Repurpose Glass Lotion Bottles

Lotion bottles are an interesting packaging material in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Glass, as one of the best materials for storing medicines and cosmetics due to its many benefits (including transparency and safety features), is often used to make lotion bottles. Primarily meant for storing lotions, these bottles can be later used or repurposed [...]

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DIY Gifts: The Best Christmas Gifts For Loved Ones

Nothing is more personal at Christmas than being given a homemade gift. Requiring some thought, time and effort, along with a lot of creativity, homemade gifts are the perfect personalised present for family and friends. DIY gifts are a fun and easy option for loved ones this Christmas. There are plenty of ideas to use, [...]

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Make your Own Winter Wonderland: Jar Snow Globes

Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time of year. With many of us looking for creative ways to save money, homemade gifts can be a great way of giving friends and family personalized presents that are fun, easy and, most importantly, cheap to make! One DIY gift guaranteed to go down a storm this [...]

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