Empty plastic bottles make plastic bottle homes!

Unfortunately, used and discarded plastic bottles are causing bigger and bigger problems to the environment. Millions – if not billions – of plastic water and drinks bottles are thrown away each year. As a result, every day we hear of innovative ideas about how to reuse the plastic bottles we no longer need. One of [...]

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Different Types of Containers for Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade beauty products are not just effective and safe, but affordable too. The best part of homemade beauty products is that since they are made using natural materials, they don’t come with any side effects. Easily prepared in large quantities to be stored in containers for later use, you can use homemade products as many [...]

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Home Improvement: D-I-Y Wall Art and its Safe Transport Packaging

Home is a safest and most comfortable dwelling for any human being while walls protect us from the outside intrusion. Moreover walls not only shield us but they can also improve the look of the house if decorated properly. So don’t ignore the most essential part of your house and change your tedious walls into [...]

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