Christmas Decorations From Plastic Bottles

Most families have boxes of Christmas decorations stored away in the attic or garage, ready to be pulled out in the early December weeks to use around the home and on the Christmas tree. But occasionally these decorations and ornaments need some refreshing. This year, why not put some of those plastic bottles you’ve accumulated [...]

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DIY Candle and Massage Oil – Two in One

With the holiday season fast approaching, stores are adorning their windows with Christmas decorations to entice shoppers inside in hopes of attracting their business. But what so many people are discovering is that handmade, DIY gifts are often better than store-bought ones, because they are more personal and are also fun to make. This year, [...]

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How To Make a Christmas Tree Stand From a Plastic Bucket

Christmas trees: their selection, their decoration, their lighting, and their very presence represent the warmth and cheer of the holiday season. A christmas tree is a place for friends and family to gather around for singing, gift giving, or just sharing moments together. This year, why not set your tree apart with a stand that [...]

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What Container to Choose For Storing Essential Oils

Essential oils are increasingly being used in all sort of products, not to mention on their own. From aromatherapy candles to bath oils and room fresheners, essential oils are an ‘essential’ ingredient. Their popularity is in part due to DIY producers and small manufacturers who offer an alternative to industrial products that may use artificial, [...]

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Why Glass Containers Make The Best Autumn Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some interesting autumn gift ideas? Try something really unique this year! We have a few ideas which are unique and can help in surprising your friends with the personal nature of your gift. You could buy several store-bought products, but what about gifting your loved ones pickles or jams prepared from [...]

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DIY Bird Feeder From A Plastic Bottle

Few people, from manufacturers to suppliers to the end user, are unaware of the increasing problem of plastic waste caused by things like plastic bags and plastic bottles. One small way to help alleviate the burden on the planet is to encourage the reuse of items like plastic bottles. Because winter is coming, a time [...]

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Recycled Bottle Cap Spiders for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, people are looking for creative, fun ways to decorate their houses and costumes. How about considering hand-making some decorations, like spiders, using materials like plastic bottle caps. Recycling plastic bottle caps from containers such as tubes, bottles, and toddles won’t just be fun for friends and family, it will make good [...]

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Halloween Decor Using PET Bottles

Halloween is one of those holidays that people from all over the world are increasingly coming to celebrate. That’s because Halloween is a day when you can really let loose with your imagination as well as thrill to the creativity of others. But it’s not just about dressing up and trick or treating -- decorations [...]

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Lip Balms for Lip Care

With the weather turning colder and the wind becoming blustery, lips are in danger of getting chapped and rough. A great solution is lip balm, which moistens and protects the lips against the elements. Because lip balm is an important part of a winter skin care regime, we are providing some information about lip balm [...]

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DIY Deodorant

Sweating, particularly from the underarm, is a natural occurrence, and one that seems to happen with more frequency in the warmer months of the year. But like all of our bodies’ functions, we sweat for a reason: to rid ourselves of the natural toxins the body accumulates. Underarm antiperspirants and deodorants, while frequently effective in [...]

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Brilliant Uses of Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers are wonderful devices. They are inexpensive, versatile, and even fun to use. With fine or jet spray modes, they are traditionally used for cleaning products, though most gardeners have long known that an empty container can be filled with water to water plants with. But home users are endlessly inventive, and have discovered [...]

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PP Containers and their Uses

When it comes to practicality and usefulness in a container, consumers and manufacturers have a hard time doing better than a basic PP container, which built its reputation on its dependability and versatility. This container is a packaging staple that is relied upon for all sorts of uses, some of which we will detail below. [...]

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