Smart Packaging Trends To Significantly Reduce Waste

Reducing waste and saving the environment are the two important things we should always be mindful of. Research shows that 60 percent of daily waste is related to packaging. Excessive packaging waste should be avoided – something that will not only be good for the environment, but will also help in reducing the product’s cost. [...]

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Glass Packaging: A Clear Choice in the Food Industry

For years now, glass packaging has been the preferred choice of the food industry. Whether you choose to package food, beverages, juices, or snacks, glass is always the first choice of both manufacturers and buyers. One reason for its popularity is the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of glass. These days, you get packaging products in [...]

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2017 Interpack Expo and Why You Should Attend

The time is fast approaching for the Interpack Expo, one of the biggest international expos for the packaging industry. An event that only occurs every three years, the expo will again be held in The Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany. Form May 4th to May 10th the best of the packaging industry will gather [...]

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Nordtek Turns 20!

This April, Nordtek Packaging celebrates its 20th birthday. For the past 20 years, we’ve created, produced, sold and distributed packaging and packaging components across Europe and further afield, and our 20th birthday is an opportunity to reflect on so many years of successful business.   In the last two decades, we’ve transformed from a packaging [...]

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Hottest Designs in Packaging: The Trend For Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is still considered to be one of the most popular packaging concepts. Consumers love packaging that displays great flexibility in both design and usage. Brand owners love flexible packaging for several reasons, one of the main being that it’s a favourite among buyers. Every brand believes in customer satisfaction. If buyers are happy [...]

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Revolutionary Dispensing: Non-Stick Ketchup And Mayo Bottles

We’ve all experienced the frustration of that last little bit of ketchup being stuck in the bottom of the bottle, and the useless ensuing attempts to get the liquid to come out.   Surprisingly, regular ketchup bottles - and many other containers - generate a substantial amount of waste as consumers can’t get the product [...]

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Organza Bags: The Newest Addition To All In Packaging

We’re constantly on the lookout for stylish and useful packaging to add to our product range, and as a result, organza bags are coming soon to the All In Packaging webshop. An easy to use bag that’s popular for gift packaging, organza bags are an attractive addition to our collection.   Taking their name from [...]

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Collecting Packaging: A Historical Hobby

It’s human nature to collect. The fascination with collecting items harks back to prehistoric times when accumulating resources was a way for males to attract a mate. Nowadays, it’s less about attracting a mate and more of a personal hobby.   We’re familiar with hobbies such as stamp collecting or coin collecting, but less common [...]

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Latest Trend: Social Media Symbols on Packaging

Social media platforms are taking over our daily life. By the end of 2016, a staggering 2.8 billion people worldwide were using social media, with social media use, particularly via mobile devices, continually growing. Although Facebook remains the most popular social media site, Twitter, Instagram and other sites continue to grow. Social media popularity means [...]

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Combat Winter Flu With Small Packaging For Medicine On The Go

Winter is the season of colds, flu and sickness. Cold weather means less time spent outdoors, and more time inside with the heating on, where germs spread easily. Anyone who’s had a winter cold knows that they’re no fun, but in our busy lives, it’s not always easy to take a sick day. Thankfully, you [...]

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Shrink Wrap Bands In The Packaging Industry

Scroll down for how to use video. Most of the time, product packaging is the best way to protect your product. Occasionally, however, extra protection is a necessary addition and there are times when even your packaging needs packaging. That’s where shrink wrap bands come in. If you’ve ever purchased a lip balm, or perhaps [...]

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What 2017 Brings To The Packaging Industry

A new year sees most people making plans and predictions for the months ahead as we attempt to set goals that will see us improve. The same rings true for the packaging industry: companies develop and follow new trends in an aim to enhance their appeal and success. As 2017 gets underway, we’re taking a [...]

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Keeping Pace With Innovation: Skin Care Containers Make a Difference

The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest changing industries. To keep pace with ever-evolving trends, cosmetic packaging is constantly changing and adapting. Innovations in packaging help customers to enjoy more functional products that are easy to use. Skin care products are usually packaged in specially designed cosmetic containers, jars, tubes and bottles of different [...]

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