Tips For Storing Holiday Leftovers

Autumn and winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, all mean large feasts when family and friends gather together to indulge and enjoy the bounty of life. Large feasts may involve hams, turkeys, chicken, and a huge array of casseroles and side dishes, not to mention desserts. Because abundance is important to such feasts, it [...]

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Covering Up Household Odors With Essential Oils

It doesn’t matter who lives in an abode, whether is a family with a batch of children, or a single person with a single cat, any household is going to attract odors, be it from cooking, pets, or just generally living as humans live. And regardless of how much cleaning you do, a dog will [...]

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Annoying Things About Packaging

There is no question that like every other product in the world, packaging is sometimes flawed. There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to select just the right product, getting it home, then discovering it doesn’t work exactly as it should. Below we have detailed some of consumers’ pet peeves when it comes [...]

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DIY Under Eye Cream from Avocado Oil and Shea Butter

The holiday season, in addition to quality family time and festivities, also means parties. Office parties, reunions, feasts, and all sorts of celebrations happen in December, not to mention New Year’s, typically the biggest party of the year. Late nights and extended celebrations can take a toll on one’s appearance, and the tale of the [...]

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Cosmetic Ingredient – Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of civilized man’s first natural remedies. Its use for its healing properties goes as far back as ancient Egypt, when it was prized to treat eye irritations. Castor oil is still used today, and is a main component in many cosmetics. This is because modern man (and woman) also realize how [...]

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Cosmetic Ingredient – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those age-old cosmetic ingredients that, despite having been around for so long, is only recently becoming known worldwide for its miraculous curative qualities. Used as an ingredient in cosmetics and on its own, coconut oil has never been more popular with DIY cosmetics makers. Read on to find out why, [...]

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Cosmetic Ingredient – Cocoa Butter

In our quest to be an all-around supplier to cosmetics makers large and small, we offer not just the quality packaging you have come to expect from us, but also are rolling out implements used in cosmetics making as well as a broad array of ingredients frequently found in home-made and small batch cosmetics. In [...]

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Limited Holiday Editions Of Your Product

It’s impossible not to notice that Christmas and Hanukkah are on the way, as are other holidays celebrated by the many religions and nations of the world. Around this time of year, smart companies of all sizes begin offering special holiday promotions in order to capitalize on the shopping season. One way some do this [...]

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Christmas Decorations From Plastic Bottles

Most families have boxes of Christmas decorations stored away in the attic or garage, ready to be pulled out in the early December weeks to use around the home and on the Christmas tree. But occasionally these decorations and ornaments need some refreshing. This year, why not put some of those plastic bottles you’ve accumulated [...]

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Cutting Costs Sometimes Results in Less Material

There is no question that the consumers of the world are trending towards smaller and more compact goods. Just look at your phone. What was once a large bulky piece of plastic and wire, is now sleek, and skinny enough to store in your back pocket. But it’s not just electronics: cars are becoming smaller [...]

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DIY Candle and Massage Oil – Two in One

With the holiday season fast approaching, stores are adorning their windows with Christmas decorations to entice shoppers inside in hopes of attracting their business. But what so many people are discovering is that handmade, DIY gifts are often better than store-bought ones, because they are more personal and are also fun to make. This year, [...]

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How To Make a Christmas Tree Stand From a Plastic Bucket

Christmas trees: their selection, their decoration, their lighting, and their very presence represent the warmth and cheer of the holiday season. A christmas tree is a place for friends and family to gather around for singing, gift giving, or just sharing moments together. This year, why not set your tree apart with a stand that [...]

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