Tubes for DIY Hand Sanitizer

As mentioned in an earlier post, hand sanitizer is one of those products that has taken the market by storm over the previous decade. People just want that extra added security of knowing they can do something to protect themselves from the countless invisible germs we are exposed to every day. Home manufacturers and DIY [...]

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DIY Tea Tree And Lavender Oil Hand Sanitizer

In the last decade, hand sanitizers have gone from being a niche product to being one of the most popular items at drugstore and chemist checkouts. Schools and companies buy sanitizer in bulk in hopes of keeping students and workers healthy and productive. But hand sanitizers by necessity may come with their own hazards, in [...]

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Sustainable Building With Plastic Bottles

In the search to find solutions to both plastic waste and affordable housing, architects across the planet have alighted upon an idea that is seemingly obvious: using discarded single-use plastic bottles as construction material. There is a movement in many countries to better utilize our discarded plastic bottles, and the idea of repurposing them into [...]

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Advantages of Using Cosmetic Ingredients

These days natural cosmetic ingredients are experiencing a huge demand in the beauty industry. With the growing levels of pollution and use of synthetic and harmful chemicals in the beauty products, the skin suffers a lot. Taking care of the skin and hair health is now a top priority of the buyers who do not [...]

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The Best Benefits Of Buying Unrefined Castor Oil

Have you ever used unrefined castor oil? If you have, you need not be told about the several benefits which are associated with unrefined castor oil. It can be bought online and is available at affordable prices. You need to purchase the unrefined castor oil from a reputed seller so that you get the best [...]

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Changing Consumer Habits Is a Tough Challenge Faced By The Packaging Industry

The internet has easily accumulated a lot of information and made it easily available for shoppers. As a result, consumer habits keep changing every day. This changing consumer preference has exerted a lot of pressure and set challenges for packaging customers. Recently, it has become quite evident that shopping habits of the consumers are fast [...]

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Mcdonald’s Aiming For 100% Recycled Packaging By 2025

Fast food giant McDonald’s has vowed to completely change its packaging system by the year 2025. The company aims to ensure that all its packaging is completely renewable or is made using a specific material which is totally recyclable.   The decision has garnered a lot of praise all over the world. It is expected [...]

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Costs and Advantages Of Customized Packaging For Ecommerce

Ecommerce websites need to put in their money in a number of areas. This includes advertising, development of different products, and so on. However, in the recent times, customized packaging has gained prime importance. Sellers are realizing the many advantages of custom packaging and are trying to benefit a lot from such packaging.   Today, [...]

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Effectiveness of Airless Packaging In The Cosmetics Industry

Airless packages make a great choice for several types of cosmetics. In the cosmetics industry, these packages are considered to be of great importance for complete formula protection and for offering great shelf stability. If such packages are used, it helps in reducing the use of chemical preservation, which is not desired in cosmetics, due [...]

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The News of a Plastic-Eating Enzyme

Last week brought some great news to a world that is facing a deluge of plastic waste. Scientists in Great Britain and America seem to have stumbled upon an enzyme that can actually ‘eat’ PET plastics. Though the ramifications of this are still unclear, early indications are that this may be a breakthrough in helping [...]

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Fine Mist Sprayers for DIY Projects

If you are somebody who likes to concoct all-natural products for your home, like cleaners, bath products, and insect repellents, then you know what you are looking for in a great container. Chances are you have been using a fine mist sprayer to store and dispense your product. There are lots of reasons why the [...]

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DIY Insect Repellent With Essential Oils

As tender roots take hold in the soil and seedlings begin to sprout; as fruit grows on trees and flowers bloom the world becomes a warm green haven for not just people, but for insects as well. Spring is when mosquitoes begin to bite, and gnats and horse flys become a nuisance. Luckily, ingenious people [...]

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Five Amazing Things to Do With Used Bottle Caps and Mini Caps

If there is one plastic item that begins to pile up, it’s bottles and the caps that invariably come with them. Plastic bottles are easily repurposed, and you can search this blog for numerous ideas on how to do just that. The caps, however, are not so easy to reuse. Still we have looked far [...]

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The Benefits of Olive Oil in DIY Hair Care Products

Olive oil has long been considered a substance that is loaded with health benefits, as well as being one of the world’s first truly influential commodities. But did you know that olive oil also offers tremendous advantages when it comes to haircare? We are here to tell you that it does, and offer some insight [...]

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