Sturdiness and durability are key features customers often look for in packaging. One such product demonstrating these qualities and in high demand as a result is aluminium jars. A unique form of packaging that bears a resemblance to iron, aluminium jars can make any product look that little bit extra special and unusual.


A Popular Choice

Ideal for creams, lotions, powders and lip balms, the circular shape of aluminium jars is instantly recognisable, yet the reason so many manufacturers opt to use aluminium jars for product packaging is that they offer a minimalist, yet stylish, finish. When combined with customised labels, aluminium jars can look effortlessly cool, attracting customer attention with their aesthetically pleasing design.


The popularity of aluminium jars can also be attributed to the range of sizes they are available in. With 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml jars to choose from, you can select the size to best suit your product and appeal to a variety of customers. The smallest sizes are great for storing lip balms, eye shadows or even small mints, whilst the larger jars make ideal packaging for luxury hand creams, hair wax products and elegant candles.


All aluminium jars come with a screw on lid for safe product storage, keeping your products fresh and clean. Some even offer a small window in the lid, allowing the product to be seen, which can be great for product sales as visual packaging is usually more enticing.


Safe, Secure and Reusable

With screw on lids for a secure closure, aluminium jars offer safe and durable storage for products. Products can be easily transported without fear of spilling, and the sturdy aluminium material is fairly resistant to denting. The sizes are all ideal for storing in a handbag, as well as on a shelf. The added advantage of aluminium jars is that they’re really easy to clean. Once the product is all gone, these jars can be rinsed out simply with warm water and soap, and they’re ready to be reused for something else – why not try storing any miscellaneous items from around the house in one? Aluminium jars look stylish and attractive, so can make a welcome addition to any household shelving.


You’ll find a selection of top quality aluminium jars, in all sizes, available directly from the All In Packaging web shop, where you can purchase both wholesale or small quantities. As demand for aluminium jars grows, you’d be foolish not to give them a go.