Plastic packaging is one of the most popular segments of the packaging industry, with its popularity mainly attributed to the several advantages plastic offers.

Plastic is usually the main alternative to glass packaging, and although plastic packaging is largely known as the environment’s biggest enemy, this statement is not always true, as today most plastic is reusable and recyclable.

Why is Plastic Useful?

  • Design possibilities for plastic are much wider than glass products. While glass can be shaped in a few ways, plastic has much more variety in the shapes it can be formed into, offering more flexibility.
  • Plastic packaging is lighter than glass packaging. As a result, transportation of plastic packaged products can be cheaper.
  • Plastic is more flexible and durable than glass. As a fairly unbreakable product, the risk of damage to plastic packaging is much smaller than with glass.
  • Recycling of plastic requires much less energy than that needed for glass recycling.
  • As plastic packaging is hygienic, it’s ideal for packaging food products, medicines and pharmaceuticals.
  • Plastic is durable, tough and shock absorbing.
  • Plastic is odourless and easy to clean.
  • Plastic can withstand various chemical components, making it a great solution for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging.

With so many advantages to using plastic, it’s becoming more and more common for items to be made from this material. Using plastic as a packaging solution can be cost-effective, saving you significant amounts of money in both production and transport costs.

Not Just for Packaging

There are some other clever uses of plastic that you might not know about. The wingbox of an airplane uses plastic fibre composites, which reduces the weight of the plane and makes it cheaper to fly.  Special plastics are used in wind turbine covers and their huge blades to tap into this environmentally friendly energy source.  Solar panels are also made from plastic.

It’s easy to see why packaging suppliers choose to use plastic so much. Plastic packaging is easy and cheap to produce, whilst helping manufacturers to reduce their impact on the environment.

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