Look around your home and you’ll see all sorts of jars being used for all sorts of purposes. Jars are an important packaging tool, helping to store products safely and enabling products to be transported. Plastic jars in particular are used frequently in our daily routine, thanks to their cost effectiveness and ability to be used for different purposes. But one type of plastic jar – the wide mouth jar – excels in the packaging industry, thank to its design and flexibility.

Made from PET, plastic wide mouth jars, with an excellent moisture barrier, are widely used to store soft drinks. Very lightweight, extremely durable, impact-resistant and fairly rigid, plastic wide mouth jars make an extremely popular packaging option for a variety of uses.

Ways to use

Plastic wide mouth jars are ideal for storing kitchen essentials such as spices, loose tea, herbs and coffee, as well as pickles and chutneys. They can even be used for holding cotton pads and potpourri. The transparent plastic allows you to see exactly what’s inside, and as a recyclable, you can refill and reuse plastic wide mouth jars time and time again. A selection of lids – from screw on to spice caps – means you can really personalise your product to suit your needs.

It’s not just food and other solid items that can be packaged in wide mouth jars; creams and liquids can be stored in them, too. Great for storing homemade skin care products, simply fill a jar and put the lid on to keep everything fresh and safe.

Wide mouth jars without a lid can even be used to serve cocktails and other drinks, giving your drinks a quirky and fun edge! Just pour in the liquid, add a straw and you’re all set.


Available in a range of sizes, plastic wide mouth jars have a number of advantages over regular mouth bottles or jars that make them an ideal packaging choice for many products.

Smooth and cylindrical in shape, wide mouth jars are easy to pick up and hold, and thanks to being made from PET material, lightweight. With a wider diameter, wide mouth jars are also easier to fill and empty in comparison to regular mouth jars, meaning less spillages and therefore less waste. The wide diameter enables simple cleaning of the jar, too, ensuring hygienic packaging that can be reused.

The uses and advantages of plastic wide mouth jars, combined with the affordable price of plastic products, make the wide mouth jar a great choice of packaging for a host of products. Take a look at the range available from All In Packaging to find the perfect jar.