When we think of luxury packaging, most of us automatically lean towards glass. It’s no surprise; glass looks elegant, has good protective function and can increase the value of a product. But the downside of glass is its price, meaning it’s not always an affordable material to use. Luckily, there’s another option: acrylic. Acrylic offers a great – and much more affordable – alternative to glass.


Acrylic is largely similar to glass. A fairly affordable material, acrylic is extremely versatile, appealing to numerous industries and enjoying high demand thanks to its glass like features. Its similarities give it an elegant appearance, which is why acrylic is often used for cosmetics packaging, in place of glass. One example of acrylic being used as a solution for cosmetics packaging is the 30ml acrylic jar.


Advantages of Acrylic

So what does the acrylic jar offer for cosmetics packaging? The main features of the 30ml acrylic jar are style, durability and functionality. It not only looks attractive, but its thick walls offer long-lasting protection to products, with the jar being hard to break thanks to acrylic being highly impact resistance. This makes the 30ml acrylic jar a really safe, stylish and durable packaging option for expensive and delicate products such as face creams and lotions.


As well as thick exterior walls, the 30ml acrylic jar benefits from an interior white lining, which forms a double barrier with the thick acrylic wall. This lining helps to prevent leakages and keeps the products stored in the jar hygienic as nothing can seep in. The jar also comes with a white cover that sits underneath the jar lid, covering the product. This can be removed to use the product, and replaced again before closing the lid. Products stay fresher and safe for use for longer, and there’s less risk of spillages during transport or when out and about.


But it’s not just a practical packaging solution – it’s attractive, too. The 30ml acrylic jar is jazzed up with a simple silver stripe around the edge of the lid to give off a more elegant and expensive appearance. Small touches such as this make a big difference to customer appeal and sales potential. Other possibilities for the acrylic jar include lids coated in a silver finish, or a frosted acrylic jar body for a more sophisticated finish. When trying to distinguish your cosmetic product from the hundreds of others available, details such as this can help in standing out.


The 30ml jar is the ideal compact size. It’s big enough to store all kinds of cosmetics in adequate quantities, but it’s small enough to be easily portable – a win-win for customers! Products packaged in the 30ml acrylic jar can be taken on weekends away or slipped into a handbag during the day. Products benefit from safe, secure, long-lasting packaging, manufacturers benefit from cost-effective packaging that looks good on the shelf, and customers benefit from a reliable and elegant packaging solution that doesn’t break the bank.


Acrylic could be the answer for your packaging needs – try it for your cosmetic products in place of glass and see the benefits for yourself! Purchase the 30ml acrylic jar directly from the All In Packaging web shop, or browse our full product range for more inspiration.