An athlete with a bottle in hand, tipping back essential hydrating fluids, be they a football player, tennis player, or cyclist, is a ubiquitous sight when watching a televised sporting event. But did you know that there is a vast array of bottles dedicated to amateur and professional athletes, and that a type of bottle cap was developed to make these bottles’ use easier while playing a sport or waiting on the sideline? Regarding sports bottles, there is a lot to consider.

Black Plastic Flask

Foremost, sports bottles have to be versatile. But even as bottles for athletes go, there is no consensus about the exact best type, as different materials have different advantages and disadvantages for the athlete. For instance, plastic bottles may ‘sweat’, meaning condensation will form on the sides, making them slippery. Stainless steel, while safe in that regard, will be heavier than light-weight plastics. All bottles, however, ideally fit in the hand and can be lifted easily, for one-handed use. Some will even have a grip on the side to make handling easier, or will be designed to accommodate the specific sport i.e. a plastic bottle designed to the standardized size of a cycling bottle holder.

You will typically find a push-pull cap on bottles athletes use. The push-pull cap (a cap that is flippable, and remains attached to the bottle when opened) was actually developed specifically for sports bottles. This is of course because in many sports, the athlete may have their other hand engaged, or will be distracted, and not have the time to screw and unscrew a traditional bottle cap.

All sorts of liquids are storable in bottles for athletes, from dedicated sports drinks like Gatorade, to water and juices and other enhanced liquids like nutritionally enhanced ‘fitness’ water.

When it comes to the realm of bottles for athletes, a few concepts score big: foremost, ease of use, meaning it is grippable with one hand; second, that there is a flip top that can be used with ease. Have a look at the All in Packaging site to see our winning selection of bottles.