Leftover plastic bottles, more often than not, go straight for recycling – or worse, thrown away. Despite progression in the ease of recycling, having more creative ways to reuse plastic bottles might be the solution to prevent a build-up of leftover plastic.

For keen gardeners, the long winter months can be frustrating as the weather makes it difficult to get out in the garden. But any of us who are green-fingered will know that there’s plenty of gardening to be done inside, so for those who’ve never considered using empty plastic bottles to bring the outdoors in, think again! This list of creative ways to reuse plastic bottles for winter gardening may just change your mind about creating your own indoor garden.

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Wonderful Watering Cans

In winter, when the heating is often on, indoor plants can quickly become dehydrated. Using plastic bottles to make watering cans for house plants couldn’t be simpler. Remove the bottle cap from your chosen bottle and pierce several small holes in it. Fill the bottle with water, replace the cap and you’ve got a brand new watering can that’s ready for use, and it’s cost you absolutely nothing to make! Plastic milk bottles are perfect for this as most have a handle for easy holding, but for smaller watering cans that are perfect for use indoors to water house plants, small drinks bottles are ideal. Your new watering can won’t be too heavy thanks to the lightweight plastic material, and you can reuse it time and time again. Once you’ve got as much use out of it as desired, it can then be recycled!

Herb Garden Galore

Indoor herb gardens are a welcome addition to any home and can bring much needed greenery during winter – as well as being convenient for cooking! Herbs grow well indoors, provided they have enough natural light, and smaller containers are ideal as herb roots are so thin and narrow that they don’t require large amounts of space. Smaller plastic bottles (around 500ml) make great planters for herbs. Carefully cut a hole in the side of the bottle, a few inches wide. The bottle can either lay on its side, or stand upright. Bottles that lay on their side can be hung from a wall using string or wire, and work well in kitchens. Alternatively, bottles can be stood on a windowsill. Add soil or compost to the bottle before planting your seeds or herb plants, and watch as your plastic bottles transform into a growing herb garden.

House Plant Hanging Baskets

Hanging plants are becoming increasingly popular indoors, and can add colour and life to your home during the cold winter months. Spruce up your living space with some new hanging baskets. Take a leftover plastic bottle and cut it in half. Taking the bottom half, carefully pierce two holes in either side, close to the rim. Insert string through these holes to form a long, sturdy handle. Next, take the top half of the bottle and make some small holes in the cap to allow water to drain through, and then insert this half cap down into the bottom half, so that when watered, the water sits in the bottom half of the bottle. Fill with soil and your selected plant, and using the string handle, hang your plastic bottle basket from wherever you fancy. Try cutting the bottles at different angles for visually appealing, unique planters. You could also decorate the bottle for added colour in your home.

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening, and by using leftover plastic bottles, indoor gardening just got that little bit easier. So once your plastic bottles have fulfilled their initial use, why not try these creative ways to reuse plastic bottles for indoor gardening this winter?