Containers are one of the most common forms of packaging material available due to their affordability, convenience in use and light weight – especially in case of plastic bottles which are used everywhere.

Plastic bottles are used to store beauty products like shampoos and lotions – we buy several beverages in handy attractively designed plastic bottles and several other products are packaged in these smart, attractive bottles. However, with the increasing use of plastic bottles, we have started facing another problem too in the form of waste which needs to be tackled in time. Plastic bottles are available in large numbers and are one of the most recycled products we have today.

Need Of Plastic Recycling

Plastic containers that are no longer in use cannot be just simply dumped anywhere, as these will cause immense environmental damage. Here are some reasons why plastic recycling is so important.

  • Conserves Energy and Saves Natural Resources– when plastic is recycled it reduces the quantity of natural resources needed in the form of petroleum and water and also energy that is needed to create fresh virgin plastic. Statistics reveal that a great deal of energy is utilized in the production of plastic. Plastic recycling will save energy and is a new way to energy conservation.
  • Saves The Landfill Space– Plastic recycling process keeps them away from landfills and clogging spaces. If plastic is not recycled you will just come across heaps of plastic everywhere. As per statistic one ton of recycled plastic means at least 7.5 cubic yards of landfill space filled up.

With the ever increasing use of plastic bottles and containers, it has automatically increased the amount of waste. Plastic waste is very hazardous for the environment as it does not decompose like paper or other packaging material and wont decay in at least 20 years. It does not have weight and moves in the direction of wind and has the capacity of clogging rivers and polluting our environment in more than one way. Plastic recycling is thus extremely important to save our planet.

What Is Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycle is a crucial process in which scrap is recovered from waste plastic or scrap plastic so that it can be processed into some useful products, which is totally different from its original product.

How To Recycle Plastic

The question which often comes in our mind is how to recycle plastic? Can we do it ourselves? Plastic recycling takes place in recycling plants. This is a process by which plastic bottles like soft drink bottles are melted completely and then these are cast into tables and plastic chairs which can be reused later on. Plastic is also recycled or reprocessed when manufacturing takes place of different plastic goods such as polyethylene film and bags.

Worker sorting plastic garbage for recycling

Plastic Recycling Process Explained

  • Sorting Plastic On Basis of Symbols– The process of plastic recycling starts with sorting different plastic bottles on the basis of their resin content! Every plastic bottle or container has a symbol on its bottom, which displays a particular plastic recycling symbol. The specific recycling mill starts by sorting the waste plastic bottles on the basis of these symbols. In some cases more sorting can be done on the basis of color of the plastic.
  • Chopping – Once plastic bottles and containers, that need recycling are well sorted these are then chopped into small pieces or chunks with the help of special machines meant for creative recycling. These chopped pieces are cleaned properly so that all debris is removed to get rid of residue or paper labels which might exist. Other material which needs to be cleaned from these chopped pieces of plastic is dust, dirt and other contaminants.
  • Melted – Once plastic bottles and other plastic waste containers are chopped, reduced into small pieces and cleaned well, these are then melted down and slowly compressed into tiny pellets which are called nurdles. This is an important step which takes place just before producing totally new products are started. The plastic loses its original form and it becomes completely difficult to know what the original product it was. These pellets are ready to be used again to make new and totally different products. Recycled plastic is not usually used to create the same kind of product which it existed.

Recycling plastic bottlesis an easy task and needs to be done necessarily to save our resources and conserve energy and save the ever increasing heap of plastic waste that is already piling up with every passing day. Today, with the increasing awareness to save our environment and save energy, most of us are associated with some kind of recycling program. Recycling programs are carried out by the local authorities – all you need to do is just drop off plastic bottles in these places.

Are you recycling plastic bottles and doing your bit towards creative recycling?

Picture Source: Envato Elements