It is not just about organic foods, customers are now looking forwarding to organic packaging too. This is especially in case of packaging of food products, where no one likes to take risks. Organic packaging solutions and the related industrial sector has developed by leaps and bounds with several companies using a large number of eco-friendly materials and solutions in developing their packages. These include use of raw materials such as grain, corn and sugar in making of packages.

Organic packages are a way to save our environment, save fossil fuels and help in the reduction of organic wastes too and all organic packaging suppliers engaged in the industry are doing their bit to save the environment, beyond their business. However, every thing is not as good as it seems and this sector is facing a lot of problems. Here is a glance of some of the current problems the organic packaging industry is facing today.


Threat From Other Non-Organic Companies


One of the main problems faced by the organic packaging industry is the threat from others – the ones which are not using natural products in their packaging. With the growing popularity of eco-friendly products and renewable packaging material, there are hundreds of companies who feel threatened and know that they are soon going to be out of business, if they do not switch over to organic packaging solutions.


As a result, their main endeavor is to prevent customers from switching over to organic packaging by misguiding them or presenting them with wrong facts – about the price of such packaging or the actual use of materials in such packages. Though customers are well aware and well educated, still there is a section of people who start believing in such propaganda and do not feel the need to use. Negative propaganda is one of the main problems faced by any organic packaging company and specially about its cost.


Lack Of Customer Knowledge

Though awareness has increased tremendously, still there are many customers who are not completely sure about the need and importance of organic packaging.

 They are not aware about the materials used in such packages, how such packages are different from others and about the benefits of using these packages. Due to limited knowledge or many times lack of knowledge, customers do not look for organic packaging or even fear trying these out thinking them to be something quite different and which might not be useful. There are still many countries where people need to be aware about the problems of plastic packaging or the benefits of organic packaging.

Customers Believe It to Be Expensive

Organic Packagingis expensive – this is one of the many myths which surround organic packaging and organic packaging suppliers are often found struggling to convince customers. Any organic packaging company employs professionals and experts who know the pros and cons of manufacturing organic products and every employee might not be an expert on this. This, at times, shoots up the cost of such organic products, but which is negligent when compared to the health benefits which are associated with such good packaging. Costs and pricing determination is thus a main problem and to win confidence of customers, in matters related to costs and prices, companies are often known to compromise with the costs. Often, if prices are a bit high, customers shy away from using the products in the long run and slowly companies feel a decline in demand, which often becomes a threat to their survival in the long run.





In order to meet the demands of customers and be a part of organic packaging suppliers groups, there are companies who manipulate to be a supplier of organic products. Initial scrutiny and research has revealed that every organic packaging company might not be doing a fair business and doing small manipulations in some way or the other for their petty interests. This means, the raw material used in their manufacturing process is not always organic. In order to make profits, reduce expenses and perhaps to keep prices low and meet demands, companies start manipulating. All organic packaging solutions providers might not be actually offering organic products which are truly organic.


The result is that manipulations are difficult to detect and often customers are the ones who are suffering. Using food boxes or food containers on the belief that they are organic might be a big compromise on the health and well-being of the customers. Unknowingly, they are using products which are detrimental to their health. This is one of the main problems faced by organic packaging industry when customers start disbelieving them and their intention.


Organic packaging solutions providers might face tough competition in the future but with the growing customer awareness, their problems are soon going to fade out. Better and smoother days are soon to come!