It’s not uncommon for industries to require packaging solutions capable of holding and dispensing large volumes of fluid. Packaging such as containers and drums have this capability, providing a cost-effective solution to storing bulk volumes of liquid.


A Dispensing Solution

Containers and drums have huge capacities – ranging from 2 litres to 60 litres in some cases, far more than can be securely carried by the consumer. Dispensing can be difficult to achieve by hand without spilling: the stored contents make the packaging heavy and therefore hard – often impossible – to hold, but even harder to keep steady when attempting to pour. The need for a mechanism that enables quick, easy and spill-proof dispensing is essential for containers and drums storing large volumes of liquid, and this is where dispensing taps prove invaluable.


Dispensing taps for containers and drums offer simple, clean and smooth dispensing of liquids, with the potential for quick refilling. Made from plastic components, the materials are all non-hazardous, making dispensing taps completely safe for use. Dispensing taps are suitable for use with plastic containers and with plastic or metal drums.


How it Works

The dispensing tap is connected to an opening in the container or drum with a sealing ring, which ensures the tap mechanism is tightly sealed to the container. The tap is connected at the bottom of the container or drum, so that the liquid flows downwards as the container or drum empties. To dispense liquid, the tap mechanism is simply turned to open the closure and release the liquid, allowing it to flow out of the container or drum and through the tap, without gurgling. The tap is then turned back to close again. The mechanism is secure and straightforward.


Offering an efficient solution to large volume container and drum fluid dispensing, you’ll soon be able to purchase dispensing taps directly from All In Packaging. The dispensing taps will be available in a variety of thread sizes to fit different capacity containers and drums, making them suitable for a range of purposes and industries. Fluid dispensing couldn’t be easier with dispensing taps.