Forget spring cleaning – autumn is when you should be sweeping out the cobwebs! Get your house spick and span for the winter season with a big clean, so when the cold finally comes calling, you’ve every excuse to get cosy in front of a roaring log fire, knowing all your chores are done.

Vacuuming, cleaning windows, cleaning carpets and wooden floors as well as general dusting and touching up any paintwork are just a few of the jobs on the to-do list, with helpful checklists available to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Luckily, there are hundreds of products in clever packaging that you can purchase to make your task less daunting.

Plastic Wins

Plastic is a clear winner for household cleaning product packaging. Not only is plastic cheap to produce in a variety of designs, it’s also strong, resistant and leakproof. Considering their purpose to store household cleaning chemicals, it’s obvious why plastic comes out tops. Different forms of packaging are best for different cleaning products, depending on their usage, viscosity and application, with packaging constantly adapting to offer consumers the best solution for their needs.

Window and Surface Cleaners

Autumn and winter mean bad weather, and with bad weather comes muddy floors. Some of the most popular cleaning products to get your house in top condition are carpet cleaners, surface cleaners and window cleaners, and all are sold in bottles with trigger sprayers. Trigger sprayers and bottles are mostly used for window and glass cleaners, kitchen surface cleaners and other similar thin liquids, as they provide a quick and easy application of liquids onto targeted surfaces. Carpet cleaners make use of trigger sprayers with foamer nozzles – ideal for removing stains from muddy shoes!

Don’t Forget Floors

Giving your washable floors a once over during a big clean is essential, and for this, floor cleaners are necessary. Packaged in home-chemical plastic bottles with wide necks for easy pouring, you can use the screw-on cap to measure out cleaning fluid for diluting in a bucket with water. Plastic bottles are a great option for floor care products for wood, linoleum and tiled floors.

Specific packaging for cleaning products often relates to their viscosity, and best ensures the safe-handling of such products, making the use of household chemicals as risk-free as possible so you can get on with your autumn clean without any worries!

Brands can also use product packaging to stand out from a saturated market. Unique designs in a range of sizes and colours, combined with personalised printing and labelling can make all the difference to the success of cleaning products. Products can be designed and marketed exclusively with the purpose of getting your house clean and tidy for winter.

Take a look at the selection of plastic packaging for household cleaning available on the All In Packaging web shop. With hundreds of high quality items, there’s bound to be something for you.