Unfortunately, used and discarded plastic bottles are causing bigger and bigger problems to the environment. Millions – if not billions – of plastic water and drinks bottles are thrown away each year. As a result, every day we hear of innovative ideas about how to reuse the plastic bottles we no longer need.

plasticOne of the craziest ideas presented is to build houses out of plastic bottles by using them as walls and furniture. You may think it impossible, but numerous examples can be found on the internet of how used empty plastic bottles can form the basic element of a house, offering an alternative to a brick. Of course, you cannot use the plastic bottle by itself; it needs to be filled with sand or mud to be strong enough. Mud can also be used as the filler between the bottles, resulting in a plastic bottle wall as tough as a traditional brick one.

The process is simple: collect enough bottles, fill them with sand or mud and then stack them on their sides, binding them together with more mud or cement.

The average human consumes approximately 15 or more plastic bottles per month, totalling almost 14,000+ bottles in a lifetime. According to those constructing plastic bottle houses, in order to build a relatively large and strong house, this is the amount of bottles needed. The less plastic bottles used, the less rooms that can be built.

Using plastic bottles to create homes is a great solution in places where the housing shortage is critical. This construction technique is mainly used in developing countries, but according to supporters of the project, it makes sense for all countries where the number of homeless people is grave.

The idea initially started to spread in India and South-America, but nowadays you can find great plastic bottle structured homes in Asia, Africa and even in Europe.

The main advantages of building plastic bottle houses are:

  • Low cost

  • Easy to build

  • Eco-friendly

  • Fewer construction materials needed

  • Stronger than brick walls

  • Sand filled plastic bottles offer perfect insulation (even school walls are built with plastic bottles in Africa).

At All In Packaging you can find a huge variety of empty plastic bottles – though we primarily sell them to be filled with our clients’ great products, rather than sand or mud! After their initial use, however, they make the perfect addition to a plastic bottle home.