The global hair care market is booming. A surge in demand for products that make hair maintenance a personalised experience mean the assortment of products is huge. From products designed for long hair, to hair volumising products and those ideal for curly, straight or frizzy hair, dry hair, coloured hair and heat-damaged hair, the hair care market is one of the most vibrant and varied.


From shampoos, conditioners and oils for split ends to DIY deep moisture hair masks, hair care product packaging focuses on functionality. Given the huge variety available, hair care product packaging has the vital role of attracting sales, so naturally the choice of packaging is constantly transforming to provide brands with the best, most creative and appealing solution. Today, you’re not limited to just colour and size options for shampoo packaging: you can also choose between the types of packaging. Bottles, tottles and tubes are the most common way to store hair care products, and focus on the user experience.


A Positive User Experience

When it comes to a pleasant user experience,the most important feature of bottles, tottles and tubes is the ease of use and application. Used most frequently during showering, hair care products need to be easily opened and applied with limited visibility – people generally keep their eyes closed when applying shampoo, and often only use one hand. This means that for customers, the most important requirement is the easy opening of the bottle, tottle or tube cap, with as few movements as possible involved in the product application.


So what makes a cap and overall packaging easy to use and apply? Generally speaking, a cap that can be swiftly opened with one hand, and packaging that enables simple dispensing is an seen as an attractive choice. Bottles, tottles and tubes, available in multiple sizes, are designed to suit a range of caps, and as each cap is best suited to certain materials, you can choose the cap that’s most appropriate for the viscosity of your product for smooth dispensing – an important aspect to consider when choosing successful packaging.


Disc Top Caps for Bottles

Disc top caps are most commonly used with bottles for shampoo and conditioners. Designed for easy use whilst preventing spillages, disc top caps can be pushed on one side so that the opening pops up, allowing liquids to then be squeezed out. The opening is then pushed down to secure the closure again. Best suited to thicker viscosity liquids, the disc top cap is easily used in the shower, and, crucially, with one hand. The bottle it is fitted to stands upright on its bottom, and simply needs to be turned upside down and squeezed with the cap open for the hair care product to be dispensed.


Tottles, Tubes and Flip Top Caps

Although bottles, tottles and tubes are all squeezable. Tubes and tottles are designed to be particularly malleable and provide flexible yet sturdy packaging for conditioners and hair oils.

Tottles sit on their lid, which makes them easy to place on a surface when in the shower, as their flat lid – usually a flip top cap – enables them to stand without falling over, The cap – as suggested in the name – is simply flipped up to open, and the small opening is ideal for dispensing products in controlled amounts. Similarly, tubes don’t require delicate handling and can be effortlessly squeezed. Perfect for hair oils as well as conditioners, the flip top ensures the products don’t leak and as they stand upright, storage space is saved.


Easy to open bottles, tottles and tubes that offer convenient product application can go a long way towards standing out in a saturated hair care market. As the most important consumer requirement, hair care product packaging should be as attractive and invoke just as much pleasure as the product itself.