For every day cosmetics such as shampoo, the assortment of products on offer to customers is huge. From shampoo for thick and curly hair to those for damaged hair or dyed hair, there’s always a product offering something different. Given the huge variety available, shampoo packaging has the vital role of attracting sales, so naturally the choice of packaging is constantly transforming to provide brands with the best, most creative and appealing solution. Today, you’re not limited to just colour and size options for shampoo packaging; you can also choose between the types of packaging. Bottles, tottles and tubes are all used to store shampoos, the only decision being which is the best choice for your product?

Bottle, Tottle or Tube?

Previously, large quantity shampoos were stored in big bottles and smaller quantities in tottles or tubes. Today it’s not as straightforward, with each packaging type coming in multiple sizes and designs, providing you with more flexibility for your shampoo product packaging, regardless of whether you’re producing and selling in bulk or smaller volumes.

The most obvious choice that many people think of for storing shampoo is a bottle. Bottles are containers with a cap that stand upright on their bottom. A good, typical choice of packaging for shampoo, bottles come in numerous sizes and materials, making them suitable for various products. Simple to use, bottles just need to be turned upside down and squeezed in order for the product to be dispensed. No longer produced exclusively for large volumes, their durable exteriors and plentiful designs make them ideal for storing shampoo.

Tottles offer a unique packaging solution in that they sit on their lid. Generally made from polyethylene (PE), with a flexible body and easy usage, tottles are a great choice for shampoos. All that’s needed is a slight squeeze of the body and the product is quickly dispensed into your hand – ideal for when you’re in a rush. As there’s no risk of excess liquid leaking out, tottles also prevent unnecessary product wastage. Products such as conditioner or hair oils for damaged hair are almost exclusively sold in tottles or tubes with a cap at the bottom (the typical standing shape).

Tubes are a more malleable choice of packaging for shampoos and other hair products. Also made from PE, the body of a tube provides flexible and sturdy packaging for shampoo, allowing easy squeezing without the need for delicate handling. The thinner material enables you to track how much product is left in the tube. Perfect for hair oils and other hair care products, tubes are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Unlimited closures

The best part about bottles, tottles and tubes for shampoo is their suitability with a range of caps – snap-on, flip-top, disc-top or screw-on caps. Thanks to endless cap designs, colours, materials and neck sizes, as well, you can really personalise your product to fit your brand and help your product stand out on the shelf.  As each cap is best suited to certain materials, you can choose the cap that’s most appropriate for the viscosity of your product – an important aspect to consider when choosing successful packaging!

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