Behind the scenes of a dispenser pump are some vital steps to ensure a proper functioning bottle and dispenser, and the first step in this process is to measure the appropriate dip tube length.

The dip tube is a tube inside a bottle or container that distributes liquid from the bottle into the dispensing closure (such as a sprayer, foamer or pump). If you need to measure a dip tube length, don’t panic! Although slightly confusing, measuring a dip tube length doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Measuring a Dip Tube Step by Step

You first need to measure the tube. As the tube is connected to the sprayer, foamer or pump dispenser by a gasket, you measure from the bottom of the gasket (FBOG) to the bottom of the tube. The FBOG measurement you get should be in millimetres (mm).

Next, measure the height of the bottle the tube will be sat in. This measurement is taken from the bottom of the bottle to its neck.

The final step is to calculate the difference between the FBOG measurement and the bottle height measurement. If the FBOG dip tube measurement is longer than the bottle height, the difference in mm is how much needs to be cut off the dip tube to get the correct length that fits the bottle height.

If you don’t have or can’t provide the FBOG dip tube length, but you’ve got the bottle that will be used to hand (or its exact size), you can calculate the FBOG length using the entire height of the bottle: simply add 5mm to the bottle height. Once you’ve calculated the tube length you need, simply place your order and get the manufacturer to cut the tube to length. Alternatively, if the manufacturer has a bottle you like, the dip tube can be cut to fit that exact bottle, saving you the hassle of measuring the dip tube yourself.

Why is Dip Tube Length Important?

The correct dip tube length is crucial for the pump, foamer or sprayer to work properly at dispensing liquid smoothly. The tube should reach the bottom of the bottle – with a small gap between the two – so that the entirety of the contents can be pumped out. If the tube sits flush to the bottle, it can become blocked. If the dip tube is too long or too short, it won’t dispense all of the product. Liquid will be left in the bottom of the bottle, which could potentially frustrate customers and waste both product and money. A malfunctioning dispenser as a result of incorrect dip tube length can lead to a lack of trust in a brand.

Follow these steps when measuring your dip tube length and you’ll have yourself a well-functioning bottle and dispenser. Check out our range of premium dispensers and dip tubes for inspiration.