Pill jars are best used for storing medicines, thanks to their size and ease of use. Usually small in size, pill jars are extremely useful and empty pill jars shouldn’t simply be thrown away, as there are a number of ways that they can be reused and repurposed. If you have empty pill jars lying around home, here are some fun ideas for how to repurpose them and make them useful once again.


Create Interesting Rainbow Crayons

Pill jars can be repurposed to create beautiful rainbow crayons. Your kids will love these crayon bottles. Using a few broken crayons, boiling water, a small tin can and pill bottles, you can prepare all sorts of colours. It takes a little time to create and pour the different crayon layers into the pill jar, but crayons prepared in this way look really pretty, and make excellent gift items too.


Store Small Office Supplies

How often do you have to hunt around for your office supplies? Small items like paper clips, pins, sharpeners, rubber bands, or even things like staples and buttons tend to get misplaced because we don’t have a good storage space for them. Pill jars make the ideal storage for easily organising your office supplies. Different pill jars can be used for different items and stored conveniently in your cupboards or drawers. If you’re a frequent traveller and tend to lose small items in your bag, you can easily store items in pill jars which can be stowed safely in your luggage.


Create a Mini Sewing Kit

You can prepare a small sewing kit with the help of empty pill jars. These kits are especially useful for travelling or for carrying with you on the go. Store all of your sewing supplies – from thread bobbins and small buttons to needles and beads – in pill jars and bottles. Slip the jar into your bag and you’ll have all of your sewing essentials in one accessible place.


Store Coins

How do you store spare change? A leftover pill bottle is the perfect way to keep all your loose coins and spare change safe. Simply place the coins in the bottle and keep it in your car, on your desk or on a nightstand for a convenient piggy bank when you need it!


Carry Medicines

Another good way – and the most obvious way – to utilise pill jars is for storing medicine. Instead of carrying large bottles or the full container of medicine, simply carry a few pills with you when out and about. The medicine stays safe and protected in these sealed pill jars, and you won’t be weighed down by heavier containers.


So next time you’ve got an empty pill bottle or jar, don’t just throw it away. Use your imagination and use it for a new purpose.