Smart producers of all sorts of products  are constantly on the lookout  for ways to stay in touch with the evolving needs of their customer base, which is something that benefits everyone. One way they achieve this is by involving customers in the design of the product packaging. Customers appreciate the attention, along with the many other advantages that accompany this simple strategy.


Foremost, allowing the customer a voice in the packaging planning-process will draw them closer to the brand. This heightened loyalty will give you greater influence in their relationship with the brand. The customer will simply feel more invested in something that they have had a say in creating.


One way for companies to accomplish this is by creating a survey in order to solicit opinions about existing products customers may have already used, in order to find out how the product can be improved upon. Modern technology has made such surveys easy and inexpensive to use, so this is a proactive step you can take without much investment.


A further step beyond just taking a survey, would be in actually involving the customer in the design process by soliciting design ideas or offering a selection of design ideas for them to chose from. In the end, it is the consumer who knows the product best, as they interact with it most regularly. Not utilizing their feedback would be ignoring a major opportunity to improve the product as well as build brand loyalty.


Word of mouth is the strongest sort of advertising, and when consumers feel their opinion counts not only will they express loyalty towards the brand, but will likely recommend a product they believe they have a more personal investment in. Involving them in the packaging and design process goes a long way in achieving these aims. Loyalty, in turn, will keep them coming back to your product, despite having so many other options to chose from.

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