tmp_ltK4E7Striking gold with packaging is a fine balance. Following a number of golden rules can help you to increase the chance of successful packaging, but for as much thought, consideration and pre-planning goes into your packaging, ultimately most consumer decisions are reactive. This means that packaging has the challenging task of capturing and holding customer attention and desire from the second they see a product on the shelf. A few crucial guidelines can help to achieve this.


The 3 Rules of Good Packaging

  1.   The front of the packaging must be well branded. This is the first thing consumers will see, and brand loyalty goes a long way in selling products. The branding – logos, symbols or pictures –  must be emphasised, as this is what makes the product both distinguishable and recognisable. The brand’s purpose is to make products visible and desirable, so making sure packaging is well branded is essential.


  1. Text must be clear, legible and prominent. Consumers need to be able to easily read any text on the packaging. The key here, however, is to not over-communicate: less is more. Repetition and information overload can be a major turnoff – but more on this a little further on.


  1. Don’t overlook the backside of the packaging. Customers like to look at the entirety of the packaging, including the back, as this is where brands often take the opportunity to interact with their consumers. The backside can be spruced up to look just as attractive as the front and is a great space for vital product information.


Less is More

When it comes to product information on packaging, the proverbial phrase ‘less is more’ rings true. You should be informative and entertaining, without over-communicating – ie. don’t overload and overwhelm the customer with information. Keep text on packaging to the (engaging) essentials, and make sure to avoid small fonts, as these may not be legible to many people.


While the front of packaging is perfect for logos, taglines and pictures, the back panel is ideal for cooking instructions, how to use instructions and displaying contact details such as websites and social media handles. Alternatively, you could use the backside of packaging to bring your brand and product to life by telling the story of the product. Engaging customers with short, snappy text is a great way to ensure they’ll come back again and again, and fun – yet minimalist – graphics can make packaging memorable.


With less than 10 seconds to capture consumer attention in store, great branding and succinct packaging information is vital for success. The 3 golden rules of packaging can help to make sure you hit the packaging jackpot.