Packaging serves a number of purposes. It’s not just about protection of the packaged product, but also about building your brand, promoting your products and slowly winning customer confidence, all in a way to increase profitability. In such a case, packaging cannot be ignored at all. Companies strive hard to ensure the best packaging for their products, which will not just keep the product protected and safe, but also satisfies a customer’s needs.
104625The desire for lightweight packaging for durables has been felt for long. This was especially noticed in the food industry where there was an increased need to reduce the weight of packages with the use of a less bulky material. This would also be good for recycling or disposal purposes.
The need for lightweight packaging was felt for environmental purposes, too. Lightweight packages help save energy, especially during production process and during transportation. The heavier the package, the more its transportation cost will be. Thus, the need for lightweight product packaging was created for combined purposes of cost and environmental benefits.
Today, paper packaging is gaining quite a popularity, mainly due to its lightweight structure and cost effectiveness. It is bio-degradable, too, which helps in keeping the environment protected. One such step, towards increased use of light packaging material is exemplified in paper packaging for milk. You might remember when milk was sold in glass bottles, but now they are more often available in paper packaging. Today, fast food outlets are also switching from glass to lightweight paper boxes and wraps. When is the last time you bought home your hamburger in foam box? Today, paper boxes are being manufactured in different sizes and shapes and being increasingly used in food industry to package food.
If you happen to buy moon cakes in Hong Kong, you will no longer get them in metal boxes. These metal boxes were once used to package moon cakes and were not just heavy, but also were costly and bad for the environment. Sustainable packaging in the form of paper packaging is lightweight and disposable. Moon cakes will stay protected in these packaging boxes and are easier to carry and are pocket-friendly, too.
It has been observed that the food industry is now adopting a holistic approach towards weight reduction with product packaging. Packaging efficiency is now an important aspect which is being considered by manufacturers all over the world. Lightweight packaging is a great example of packaging efficiency which covers almost the entire life cycle of any package. This life cycle includes the resources needed to create the package, the ability of a package to protect the product, efficiency in transportation, display efficiency and also its impact at the end of life.
Paper packaging is the best example of efficient lightweight packaging. It is cost effective, functional and can be produced without causing harm to the environment. In short, we can say that lightweight packaging for our durables is a win-win situation for customers, producers and the environment.