The cosmetic packaging industry is said to be one of the most popular and vibrant, where innovations are constantly taking place for unique yet attractive packaging. For makeup products being used as part of a daily beauty routine, convenience is key for speeding up the application process, which means creating packaging that is both stylish, functional and easy to use. Glass makeup bottles for liquid foundations are a prime example of good cosmetic packaging.


Glass makeup bottles are the packaging of choice for products like liquid foundation. An airless glass bottle is combined with a small, plastic pump for quick and easy liquid foundation distribution. The pump, when pressed down on, evenly dispenses the amount of product you need onto a brush, sponge or your hand without the need to dip or pour. An overcap covers the pump, protecting it from damage or from accidentally being pressed.


Why Glass?

Liquid makeup bottles are produced almost exclusively in glass. Not only is glass an elegant and contemporary feel, glass packaging keeps its contents well protected from external oxygen and moisture, therefore helping to increase the shelf life of products – an advantage for cosmetics packaging. The transparent glass material also allows you to see when products are running low, giving you plenty of time to stock up on more product.



The advantage of the makeup bottle with a pump is how hygienic it is. As the liquid foundation is dispensed into your hand through a pump, there’s no need to actually touch the contents of the bottle until it has been dispensed. This keeps any germs out of the product and also ensures it stays protected from exposure to moisture or oxygen until it’s used. The plastic pump can be wiped clean, keeping the opening clog-free and functioning well.


Durability is an important factor in makeup packaging – particularly for products that last a long time. For liquid foundation, the glass makeup bottle offers a secure form of packaging that doesn’t deteriorate in quality over time, and that looks good on the shelf.


This exciting makeup packaging will soon be available for purchase from the All In Packaging web shop, and makes a great addition to any packaging collection.