Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time of year. With many of us looking for creative ways to save money, homemade gifts can be a great way of giving friends and family personalized presents that are fun, easy and, most importantly, cheap to make!

One DIY gift guaranteed to go down a storm this Christmas is a homemade jar snow globe, and with just a few simple items, you can create your own wintry scene using leftover packaging.  

Rather than recycling your leftover jars, why not turn them into creative Christmas decorations and gifts?

What You’ll Need

Almost any jar works for this project, as long as it’s transparent! Leftover plastic or glass jars are ideal and most of us have plenty of these around our homes.

Once you’ve picked your jar, all you need is some glue, glycerine, glitter, water and any figurines or ornaments you want.

– Take your clean, empty jar and remove the lid. Use the glue to stick your figurines or ornaments to the centre of the lid – this will be your festive, wintry scene so be as imaginative as you like! Make sure there’s enough space around the outside of the lid for the jar to fit. Leave this to dry.

– Next, fill your jar up with tap water. Add your chosen glitter and a couple of drops of glycerine, which will prevent the glitter from falling too quickly when shaken. Give everything a quick stir to combine.

– Screw the lid firmly back onto the jar so that it’s tight and secure and turn the snow globe jar upside turn. Shake gently, and watch in awe as it begins to snow over your winter wonderland.

You can find loads of ideas for making jar snow globes online, so if you’re need a bit of inspiration to help you get started, a simple search for jar snow globes will set you on the right path!

Quality Products Preferred

As your jar snow globe will be made using water, high quality jars and lids are preferred, to prevent any of the water mixture from leaking out. It’s important for the lid to have a secure seal to the jar. You can find high quality jars that are perfect for making snow globes from All In Packaging. Once they’ve fulfilled their initial purpose, you can reuse them to try your hand at making your own Christmas jar snow globes.