We’re constantly on the lookout for stylish and useful packaging to add to our product range, and as a result, organza bags are coming soon to the All In Packaging webshop. An easy to use bag that’s popular for gift packaging, organza bags are an attractive addition to our collection.


Taking their name from the silk traditionally used to make organza fabric, organza bags are small, rectangular bags made from a sheer, silk like fabric (usually polyester and nylon) that imitates silk organza, with a ribbon drawstring to close. Ideal for holding loose items, the beauty of organza bags is their ability to be reused time and time again, without deteriorating in quality.


A Quality Product

Organza bags are sturdy. The material doesn’t rip easily, making them a great choice for holding a number of heavier products, and as a sheer material, anything stored inside the bag can be seen for quick identification. They’re often chosen as gift packaging thanks to their elegant and decorative designs that can really jazz up the product inside. Available in a wide array of colours, the sheer, silk effect of the material affords a sense of luxury to the bag, making them perfect for gift packaging, party bags or simply for keeping and displaying your own products in at home. This great quality means that once used, the bag can then be reused, either again as gift packaging, or for alternative uses.


Versatile Packaging

An extremely versatile form of packaging, organza bags can be used to hold a number of homemade products such as DIY bath bombs, bath salts and soap, jewellery, natural air fresheners, tealight candles and even as general storage for items lying around the house.


Perfect for travelling, you can use organza bags to hold your earrings, or perhaps small cosmetic items, when going away. Simply place your items inside the bag, pull the ribbon for the drawstring to close and you’re good to go. All your products will stay well organised and accessible inside your travel bag. Alternatively, you can make your own clothes fresheners by placing dried lavender inside an organza bag and attaching it to the railing inside your wardrobe. A quick, easy and cheap way to get your clothes smelling fantastic! The flexibility in use is what makes organza bags such a fantastic packaging solution.


An attractive and easy to use form of packaging, keep an eye on the All In Packaging webshop to make sure you’re first in the queue to purchase an organza bag when they arrive.