The household chemical industry covers a wide range of products. From bleach and other cleaning products to shampoos and soaps for personal use, the household chemical industry is a competitive market that requires great packaging to provide products that are both safe and successful. For the majority of products in this industry, packaging comes in the form of plastic.

Why plastic?

When considering the purpose of household chemical products – average household goods used predominantly for cleaning and personal hygiene – it’s important to use packaging that is strong, resistant and leakproof, which is why plastic containers and dispensers in various forms are largely used. As a durable material that provides safe packaging for products, plastic packaging offers the best solution for the household chemical industry, as well as being a cheaper, more cost-effective solution.

For household chemicals, it’s essential that the packaging prevents the product from damaging or contaminating the environment and other goods – protecting both humans and animals from household chemicals is extremely important, just as it’s vital the product inside isn’t degraded by the material it’s packaged in. Plastic packaging provides all of the above, and as so many packaging options are available, manufacturers can choose the packaging that best suits their chemical.

Packaging for all products

The advantage of packaging for the household chemicals industry is that all products – whether that be cleaning chemicals, washing liquids or soaps – can be packaged in packaging that is innovative, dynamic and suited to that product. In a competitive market, packaging is constantly adapting to offer consumers the best solution for their needs.

Many products have typical packaging sets. Trigger sprayers and bottles are mostly used for window cleaners/glass cleaners/kitchen surface cleaners and other similar thin liquids. Bottles and pump dispensers provide packaging for soaps and washing liquids, where the liquid product is slightly thicker. Pump dispensers allow a dosage of soap to be given, as well as removing the risk of spreading germs. Tottle bottles, which are designed to stand on their cap, are mainly used to package products such as shampoos, where they provide easy dispensing in an impact resistant case. Regular plastic bottles with caps are most used for pouring cleaning chemicals, such as bleach.

Easy to use

The popularity and success of household chemical packaging can be attributed to their ease of use and wide availability. Designed to appeal to a large market, most household chemical packaging offers a simple, straightforward and user friendly experience. Trigger sprayers, for instance, operate on a ‘point and shoot’ basis, just as plastic bottles can be simply poured. Most household chemical packaging enables liquid to be pointed directly onto the necessary surface, preventing excessive spillages and wastage and ensuring products are not applied to unwanted areas. Chosen packaging often relates to the viscosity of household chemical products, and best ensures the safe-handling of such products, making the use of household chemicals as risk-free as possible.

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