In the UK alone, billions of pounds are spent every year on pampering our pets. From dogs and cats to rabbits, rodents and fish, the pet care industry is booming as we look to give our pets the best care we can, and with so many pet care products available, pet care product packaging is also growing.


In the same way that we do our best to take vitamins, exercise and eat healthily, our pets also deserve the best. It’s important to take care of our pets properly to keep them in peak condition and prevent them from getting ill. This means feeding them the right foods, rewarding them with the right treats and making sure they play with safe and stimulating toys. It’s our responsibility to make sure our pets are looked after properly to enhance their well-being, keeping our furry friends healthy, happy and on the go.


The pet care industry covers everything from food and treats to shampoos, supplements and toys. All of these products need to somehow be packaged, which is where All In Packaging comes in. We have the ideal range for all your pet care product packaging needs.



For storing food, treats and supplements, plastic jars are the ideal packaging solution. Easy to clean, highly durable, resistant to denting and long-lasting, plastic and aluminium jars from All In Packaging can be used to package everything from dog treats and fish food flakes to soothing creams for protecting paws. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, jars can be combined with a number of closures to best suit your pet care product, and are a cost-effective form of packaging for a wide range of pet care products.



When it comes to hair care, keeping your pet’s coat shiny and smooth is just important as your own hair routine. A home grooming routine will keep your pet looking good, but also allow you to check for fleas, ticks and skin problems. Common products include shampoos, conditioners and skin/fur treatment sprays. Plastic bottles are the best choice for storing these products. The range on offer from All In Packaging features of variety of sizes and styles, with different dispensers for an easy application. Sprayers can be combined with bottles to apply flea and tick treatment to a wide area in limited , whereas bottles with disc top caps are often used for shampoos and conditioners as they dispense an accurate amount in a specific area. Bottles can be customised with fun designs and colours to distinguish your brand and help your products to stand out on the shelf.



Tubes are the perfect choice for pet toothpaste! Some may think purchasing toothpaste for your furry friend is unnecessary, but dental hygiene is important for pets, too – and human toothpaste can often be poisonous! Our tubes are made from a malleable form of plastic which makes them squeezable, and are available in several sizes and colours.

The pet care product industry will continue to grow, as more and more of us look to pamper our pets on a regular basis. Our high quality packaging range has the perfect packaging solutions for your pet care requirements.