Two things cause major frustration when it comes to makeup packaging; the first: having to throw away your makeup because you can’t get the last little bit out, and the second: your makeup bottles being too big to meet plane hand luggage liquid restrictions. With makeup being an expensive purchase, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth in both situations.


Here’s where new packaging can help you out with the old. While both of these frustrations are completely different, we’ve combined two packaging items to come up with one great solution for this makeup matter. Using two products, you can create a handy makeup container that will store your last remaining bits of makeup, and will also enable you take your makeup essentials on weekends away. The two packaging items you’ll need are a spatula and a weekly pill organiser box.


1. Spatula

To rescue the last little bit of your makeup from the bottle, a spatula can be a lifesaver. You can scrape, scoop and spoon out makeup into new containers using a spatula. Generally used to keep products such as face cream clean and hygienic, spatulas are also the perfect tool for getting into those hard to reach places such as the bottom of a glass bottle used to store foundation. Scrape the remaining product from the bottle, scoop it out and spoon it into one of the divider sections of a pill organiser box, for example. With a secure pill organiser to store your products, you can use a spatula for a variety of leftover makeup, helping you to use every last bit of product, making sure nothing goes to waste. A spatula can also be used to scoop out specific quantities of products for storing in pill organisers, so you only take with you the amount that you need when travelling.


The spatulas available from the All In Packaging web shop aren’t just practical; they’re a stylish choice, too. On offer in 3 colours, each has a shiny finish that gives an expensive, metallic appearance – perfect for glamming up any makeup stand. Spatulas are a great, lightweight packaging solution.


2. Pill Organiser Box

To store your leftover makeup, you need a small, safe and durable container, and a pill organiser box is the ideal storage. But rectangular pill organisers can also be used to help you take your vital makeup items onboard a flight. The small divider sections have a limited storage ability, with the maximum quantity being under 100ml, allowing your products to be carried onto a flight in hand luggage. This makes a pill organiser box the perfect size for your required amount of cosmetics, including foundation, eye creams, and nail polish. Use a spatula to scoop out your desired amount, and store each product in a different section.


The sturdy plastic exterior of a pill box ensures products stay protected from external factors, with a secure flip-top lid preventing spillages. Thanks to the lightweight pill box, makeup becomes easier to transport due to its reduced size and weight.


Using packaging items such as spatulas and pill organiser boxes is a practical, convenient and innovative way to store small quantities of makeup, and can be a clever solution to a frustrating problem. With a bit of imagination, packaging can be used for many different purposes.