Despite their intended use being to hold liquids, plastic bottles are one of the easiest items to recycle and reuse. With tons of ideas available online for how to repurpose your leftover plastic bottles, it’s not only the creative option, but also the smart one. Each year, millions of plastic bottles are thrown into the trash, and the need to recycle plastic products is becoming more and more apparent.

One clever and creative way to reuse your leftover plastic bottles is to turn them into plastic toys. September sees not only the start of school, but also the start of nurseries and pre-schools. Keep children entertained by making plastic bottle toys.

Child girl having fun and build of bright plastic construction blocks. Toddler playing on the floor. Developing toys. Early learning.

Easy and affordable ideas

Everything from water bottles to milk bottles can be recycled. With only a few supplies needed, plastic bottle toys cost virtually nothing to make and simply require a bit of imagination and creativity!

Leftover small plastic drinks bottles can make brilliant piggy banks. The lid of the bottle makes a great nose and ears can be created out of felt fabric or paper. Attach feet to the side of the bottle with leftover caps, so that the reinvented piggy bank stands up freely. Using paint, children can let their imagination run wild with whatever design they want for their piggy bank, and all that’s then needed is an adult to carefully cut a slot on the top for inserting coins.

Plastic bottles can be turned into easy plant pots to keep little hands busy! Get children growing their own sunflowers or herbs by slicing a large plastic bottle in half, filling it with soil and planting seeds inside. Easy and quick to make, children can take responsibility for looking after their plants daily.

For a really easy way of reusing plastic bottles, simply give children a variety of paints and let them loose to create their own designs. Recycled plastic bottles can become an entire farmyard as they are easily transformed into animals.  Similarly, plastic bottles with leftover plastic caps for wheels make perfect toy cars. Cheaper than store bought cars, the grooves on many plastic bottles are ideal for small hands to hold, providing hours of fun. Add two straws to the top and you’ve even got yourself a helicopter! The only limit to the possibilities is your creativity!

A way of educating

Repurposing plastic bottles into plastic toys for young children isn’t only a way of keeping them entertained; it’s also a fantastic way to teach children about the environment and the importance of recycling. Plastic is an extremely popular packaging material, but it’s also the biggest concern for our oceans and marine life. Reducing our ecological footprint and the damage caused by thrown away plastic should be one of our biggest goals, and teaching children from a young age about the importance of sustainable packaging and how they can be environmentally aware is a great way of approaching this.

At All In Packaging we’ve got a huge variety of empty plastic bottles to keep children busy. With a range of sizes available, once they’ve fulfilled their initial purpose of storing liquids, they’re ready to be recycled and remade into great plastic toys!

Picture Source: Envato Elements