When it comes to applying makeup and cosmetics, everything that goes on must also come off, calling for cosmetic cleansers to make the job a little bit easier. For every cosmetic product, there’s a cleanser, ready to refresh and restore your skin. Cleansers such as facial tonics, makeup removers and nail polish removers are all toiletry essentials, and packaging manufacturers often look to pump bottles and small bottles for storing such products.


Removing cosmetics from your skin should be a quick and easy process, with as little fuss involved as possible. Whilst cleansers provide an easy way to remove makeup, it’s their packaging that should offer quick, convenient and functional usage, and this is exactly what pump bottles and small bottles present. Facial tonics, makeup removers and nail polish removers all benefit from pump bottle or small bottle packaging that promotes increased functionality as well as secure and hygienic storage.


Pump Bottle

Pump bottles can be described perfectly with just three words: easy, convenient and practical. The pump bottle is an extremely useful and popular tool for cosmeticians as cleansers can be easily applied on the cotton pad with just one hand. Simply place a cotton pad on the top of the pump and press down. The liquid will be dispensed onto the cotton pad, giving out the specific amount needed – ideal for making sure you don’t unnecessarily waste your cosmetic cleansers and saving you money overall.


Available as a stand-alone pump to be fitted onto pre-existing bottles, or as a pump set with an accompanying bottle, pump bottles are quicker and easier to use for cleansing than traditional pouring bottles. The lid doesn’t need to be removed and liquid doesn’t need to be poured out to use, as the pump dispenses dosed amounts, lowering the risk of spillages. Pump bottles therefore reduce the time needed for removing products such as nail polish – beneficial for nail technicians and beauticians as well as for home use.


Small Bottle

Some manufacturers opt for the small bottle when choosing packaging for cosmetic cleansers, which is another great option, well-suited to storing facial tonics, makeup removers and nail polish removers. With a screw-on neck, the small bottle can be combined with a variety of caps – such as flip top and disc top – which makes it ideal for a variety of cleansing products, including the ever popula micellar water, as well as being more accurate to dose and dispense liquids.


The small bottle is lightweight and secure, providing a durable packaging solution that protects cosmetic cleansers well. It’s easy to transport and its limited volume capacity means there’ll be less issue if spillages occur.


Pump bottles and small bottles offer a fantastic packaging solution for the quick and easy use of  cosmetic cleansers. The All In Packaging web shop is a great place to start your search.