Selecting the perfect dispenser for your bottle can seem like a bit of a minefield. It’s not simply a choice between a pump or a sprayer; you can now narrow it down to specific types of sprayers and pumps, and if you’re not sure what each type offers, it can be hard to know which type to pick.


Understanding the purpose of your product, its viscosity and how and where it will be used can help you to decide which dispenser is best for your liquid products.


Sprayers: Trigger, Mini Trigger or Fine Mist?

The trigger sprayer is, for many customers, the preferred choice for liquid dispensing. The standard trigger sprayer offers high quality, accurate dispensing and is easy to use. Popular for dispensing household chemicals, gardening products and car cleaning liquids, convenience and safety are two of the main reasons that consumers choose to use triggers sprayers. A versatile dispenser that is fairly cheap, if you’re looking for a reliable way to dispense liquids in an accurate spray without dripping liquid all over the floor, the trigger sprayer is the perfect dispenser for your bottle.


The mini trigger sprayer, however, is a lightweight dispensing solution that offers a great alternative to aerosol cans. The difference between the standard and the mini trigger sprayer is the size. Mini trigger sprayers require much less effort to use than conventional trigger sprayers, and the ergonomic and innovative design of the mini trigger sprayer makes it easier to hold in one hand, and more comfortable to operate with one finger. This sprayer is ideal for smaller amounts of liquids that you want to dispense in more confined areas.


If you’re looking for a sprayer for products such as sun screens, mosquito repellents and body sprays, a fine mist sprayer is a great solution. Dispensing a light, gentle spray, the fine mist sprayer has the possibility for adjustable nozzles for variation in spray pattern, and is perfect for more delicate products. Unlike the trigger sprayer, many fine mist sprayers can be used upside down.  


The Perfect Pump

Pumps are most often used for higher viscosity products such as creams, liquid soaps, gels and lotions, generally for products in the cosmetic industry. With several types to choose from, each pump offers unique features for dispensing.

  • Foam Pump: the foam pump is the perfect cost-effective solution to liquid dispensing. Ideal for liquid soaps, the foam pump turns liquid soaps such as shaving creams into foam when dispensed. Choosing a foam pump for your bottle will minimise product waste, using only small amounts of liquid soap to make foam. This is an economical option best suited to liquid soaps. It won’t work with creams and lotions.

  • Lock Up & Down Pump: this pump is mainly used with creams and lotions. All that’s needed is one hand to press the pump, and as the pump acts as a seal, there’s no need for an additional cap. the lock up and down pump avoids spillages as products are dispensed in a smooth, controlled and accurate manner to a directed area. Toothpaste is one product that is dispensed well through a lock up & down pump.

  • Lotion Pump: this type of pump offers a great dispensing solution for higher viscosity products to be used by sports doctors and masseurs. The lotion pump offers the ability to easily and quickly apply creams and gels by pumping the product out in accurately measure doses. As the pump is the main dispensing mechanism, there’s no need to open a cap, or unscrew a lid.  

  • Serum Pump: great for lower viscosity creams and serums such as eye creams, the serum pump dispenses a smooth dose of product. This pump is the perfect option for beauty products that should be used in small amounts.

  • Nail Polish Pump: this pump is easy, convenient and practical. If looking for a dispenser for your nail polish remover bottle, this is the best solution. Simply place a cotton pad on the top of the pump and press down. The liquid will be dispensed onto the cotton pad, with the ability to specify the amount dispensed. Less risk of pesky spillages, less liquid used overall and fewer costs, the nail polish pump is the obvious choice of dispenser for bottles storing nail polish remover and other nail care products.


The perfect dispenser for your bottle could save you time and money, may make your product last longer and facilitate easier usage. With such a wide variety of both sprayers and pumps on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice.