Online shopping can be a bit of a gamble if you’re not 100% certain about the size you need. We’ve probably all bought something online which ends up being the wrong size, meaning we have to send it back. Time and effort aside, this also ends up wasting money. The same is true for purchasing packaging online – you need to be sure of the exact sizes you require, especially for packaging that needs several parts to work properly. Packaging sets, however, are a clever way to ensure you purchase all the parts needed for functional packaging, and in the correct size.


What is a Packaging Set?

Certain packaging comes with several parts. A trigger sprayer, for example, requires a bottle, the sprayer and a dip tube for it to function, and this is where a packaging set can make life so much easier. A packaging set includes everything that is necessary for your packaging to work as intended. All parts are enclosed in the set, ensuring everything fits correctly and that no parts of packaging are missing.


Several packaging items come in sets. Bottles with caps, tottles and tubes with caps, bottles with sprayers, bottles with pumps and containers with lids are just some of the possibilities on offer, and with a wide variety of packaging set combinations to choose from at All In Packaging, you’ll find something that suits your packaging requirements, at affordable prices, too.


Save Time, Effort and Costs

Convenience and cost-efficiency are two are the main advantages to set packaging. As all the packaging parts are sold together, you can be sure that each piece can be combined and will fit properly for the intended use. There’s no risk of parts not fitting together, so the possibility of having to return/exchange items is removed, meaning you can use your packaging from the get go. You’ll also save time by purchasing all items from one place, spending less time searching for the correct attachment for your bottle or container as you avoid the matching process, which has already been done for you. With one price for the whole set, there are no hidden costs to packaging sets.


Buying packaging in sets also takes the stress out of choosing specific technical features e.g. the neck size, or preform type for PET bottles. Some products have special technical parameters that make them incompatible with other parts, so the need for the correct combination of parts is vital for functional product usage. Buying in sets removes the need to pay careful attention to packaging parts, as the suitable packaging combination has already been selected, so you can purchase with confidence.


Saving time, costs and removing the risk of purchasing an incorrect part, buying packaging in sets is an easy and useful way to purchase packaging materials to guarantee a good user experience and product functionality, improving customer satisfaction. Browse a range of packaging sets and make a purchase directly from the All in Packaging web shop, where you’ll find a variety of high quality packaging sets for all your needs.