Do you often bring food from outside? Food packages are present around our house – often we do not realize how to use these lovely packages, especially containers. Yes, they can be used to store food or grocery in the kitchen, but they have several uses beyond reusing them in the kitchen for storing purpose. If you would like to reuse food package containers, here are some good ideas to use them.


In The Kitchen

You can use food package containers in a number of ways at home. You can use them as a bag dispenser, which has immense use. You can use an empty soda bottle for the purpose too – soda bottles are quite handy and easy to move around also. You need to chop the bottom section of your soda bottle and keep it in any spot in the kitchen. You can throw unwanted things in this, whenever there is a need. Also, if there is a need, you just need to grab the container by its neck and take it somewhere else.



For Plants

Just slice off, half portions of Cola Bottlesor other designer food grade plastic containers or metal boxes and use them as pots for your vertical garden. You can decorate these food packs using colors or anything you wish. Add a string, through a hole made on two sides of the bottles or boxes so that you can hang them easily. These are easy, innovative and cheap – not to mention the best way to reuse containers. If you can decorate them well, they can turn out to be really attractive.


Dish Scrubber

Yes, you read it right! You can effectively scrub dishes like an expert with mesh bags; Mesh bags are often used in packaging citrus foods. All you need to do is to collect them, whenever they come home and use wadded up balls of mesh for cleaning the dishes. You will be surprised to see, how well they work.


Plastic containers can be used as a scoop. You can reuse all your plastic cups as scoop, they can be used as mulch in the garden and for much more.


Pancake Making Tool

Do you love pancakes? Save some money, by using plastic containers and bottles. Batter dispensers, used in pancake making, do not come cheap! You can prepare them at home. All you need to do is reuse your old ketchup bottle. This is quite effective in squirting out pancake batter, just perfect every time. This is also a good option for camping trip.


Picture Hanging

If hanging pictures has been a problem at home or if you are trying something really innovative, try hanging pictures using soda can tabs! You just need a soda can tab and a screw, you can easily hang pictures.


Water Plants

Do you find it difficult to water plants? Does the water flow out of control? You can now water all your plants with better and more control. To do this, you need an empty container and make tiny holes as per your need. You can use plastic bottles or containers for the purpose. The flow will be within your control and you will love to water plants regularly.