We’ve all experienced the frustration of that last little bit of ketchup being stuck in the bottom of the bottle, and the useless ensuing attempts to get the liquid to come out.

Surprisingly, regular ketchup bottles – and many other containers – generate a substantial amount of waste as consumers can’t get the product to come out of the packaging it’s stored in. As a result, these containers, with viscous liquid still inside, are simply thrown out.

Flakon nyitott tetővel

But fear not: LiquiGlide, founded by MIT scientists, is a solution to this infuriating problem. LiquiGlide is a coating that makes the inside of bottles super slippery. Designed to eliminate the condition that causes viscous liquids to stick to solids, LiquiGlide is revolutionising ketchup and mayonnaise (and other viscous liquids) dispensing by enabling viscous liquids to simple glide out of the container. This solution not only revolutionises dispensing, but also dramatically reduces waste.


The LiquiGlide Formula

Until now, the problem has been that any existing slippery material for packaging has been toxic, making it completely unsuitable for food products. Unlike other slippery packaging materials, however, LiquiGlide is a non-toxic formula. The slippery solution allows anything to roll off it, thanks to its ‘liquid-impregnated surface’. The product container interior – such as the inside of a ketchup bottle – is coated with a rough, textured surface and a very thin layer is then applied on top of this. A liquid ‘lubricant’ is then added to fill any gaps, and this forms an extremely slippery, permanently wet surface that ensures the ketchup just flows right over it and glides out of the bottle – even that last bit at the bottom!


The difference in dispensing when using a LiquiGlide container is huge. Viscous liquids such as condiments simply glide out of the container, fulfilling the non-stick expectation. Waste is reduced so packaging becomes more cost-effective and the likelihood of containers being recycled is increased. The frustration with traditional dispensing is also eliminated. LiquiGlide is a game-changer for functional packaging, and improved customer satisfaction may help to build positive brand affinity.


The Future of Dispensing

What makes LiquiGlide so exciting is the possibilities it brings for other product dispensing. Each textured surface is best suited to a particular liquid, meaning what works for ketchup won’t necessarily be the same as that used for mayonnaise, for example. LiquiGlide uses materials that are safe for each specific application, opening doors in the future for use with containers dispensing liquids other than viscous liquids such as condiments and toothpaste.