Many packaging products often require two parts to function correctly. Instead of buying each part separately and running the risk of them not fitting together, packaging sets are an ideal solution to guarantee functional use from the get go. The 250ml bottle with mini trigger sprayer set is a great example of a handy packaging set that can be purchased from All In Packaging.


The 250ml bottle with mini trigger sprayer set is a versatile packaging set, perfect for dispensing all kinds of liquid. Made from PET plastic to ensure a strong, durable and protective material, the bottle is narrow and tall, differing slightly from other bottles with its cylindrical shape. As a material, PET keeps products protected from external factors such as moisture, making it ideal for storing products such as toilet fresheners and other household chemicals such as cleaning detergents, which need to maintain their composition for safe usage. The mini trigger sprayer allows the bottle to be used on small surface areas, as well as offering a more ergonomical user experience, as the sprayer fits easily into your hand. This packaging set also comes with a safety clip to ensure it doesn’t dispense until you want it to, providing peace of mind during transportation.


Small and Stylish

One of the benefits of the 250ml bottle and mini trigger sprayer set is its small size. As it’s so compact, the set is well suited to both easy transportation and storage. The set can be stored away in virtually any area, requiring little surface space. This helps to keep your shelves and storage areas well organised and free from clutter. A small size, along with the lightweight PET material means fuel and transportation costs are reduced, making this set a cost-effective packaging solution. As it’s so lightweight, the set is also highly portable, enabling you to carry it round with ease, with portability being a key selling factor for packaging sets.


The bottle is also designed to have a unique cylindrical look, which makes it stand out on the shelf where traditional trigger sprayers can be found. The more standard trigger sprayers have a narrower bottleneck and a wider body, so the uniformity of the 250ml set bottle offers something individual for consumers.This can be particularly advantageous in attracting new customers.


Increased Convenience

The 250ml bottle and mini trigger sprayer set is a more convenient packaging option. One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a set is that you’ll save time searching for packaging by avoiding the matching process, which has already been done for you. Set packaging also removes the need to think about technical parameters. The mini trigger sprayer attaches to the set bottle with a screw on neck, specifically designed to fit securely to the bottle to ensure you can use your product the minute it arrives.


A convenient and cost-effective packaging solution, the 250ml bottle and mini trigger sprayer set not only offers an enhanced user experience, it looks good, too. Available in both small quantities and at wholesale prices for bulk orders, this packaging set makes a great, stylish addition to any collection.