Reducing waste and saving the environment are the two important things we should always be mindful of. Research shows that 60 percent of daily waste is related to packaging. Excessive packaging waste should be avoided – something that will not only be good for the environment, but will also help in reducing the product’s cost. Currently, smart packaging trends are being introduced that will help in significantly reducing waste. More and more people are adopting such strategies to reduce waste and also lower packing costs.

Buyers should also be aware of smart packaging trends and adopt to new changes in packaging, which will prove to be quite beneficial in the long run. All over the world, changes are being introduced that are aimed towards waste reduction. Let’s have a look at some of the innovative measures undertaken by companies all over the world.

One Size Fits All:

This is a trend observed mostly due to the popularity of ecommerce. Today, online buying and selling has grabbed a major chunk of the retail market. Undoubtedly, online sellers have actually changed trends in the packaging of products. A new, smart type of packaging that has been introduced is known as the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model, which aims at standardizing packaging. This means that whatever you choose to buy, you will get the same kind of packaging, especially when you choose to shop online.

There are no fancy packages, no differences in packaging designs in terms of colour or material. However, there is a special emphasis put on safety aspects, so that the product reaches buyers safely. You must have observed that no matter what you buy online, it will be delivered in almost the same kind of packaging. This practice is known to significantly reduce packaging waste; moreover, it has helped in reducing packaging complexities and shipping charges. Buyers too are happy and haven’t registered complaints with this new smart packaging.

Tactile Ink:

This represents an observable, modern innovation in smart packaging. The ink makes a lot of difference. It has an eye-catching paper look and feel that is safe and looks trendy. It can also be printed by a register. This type of coating is said to be tactile, which means there is a feeling of experience in the packing mix. Customers these days are attracted to the kind of craft-paper look these products have. This is the sort of luxurious and smart packaging that is also aimed at reducing waste.

Improved food packaging is currently being developed that will help in reducing global food waste, utilizing modifications made in food packaging containers and boxes. With improved techniques in the production of packages and boxes, it is expected that the shelf life of the products within the package is going to be prolonged. Food often gets wasted due to careless packaging or poor packaging. Packaging technologies are being developed to use minimal packing material that will help improve the shelf life of food products.

It should be noted that smart packaging doesn’t mean an increase in packaging costs. On the contrary, with smart packaging, better packaging tools and techniques are being used that will help in reducing environmental damage and waste.