Picture this: you’re paddling in the sea somewhere exotic, the sun’s out and you’re trying to apply sun tan lotion to your back. Now a traditional fine mist sprayer would struggle to dispense at this angle, but fear not: the fine mist 2-way sprayer is a great solution for dispensing in all directions, from all angles, so you can apply your sun protection with ease!


What is a 2-way Sprayer?

A 2-way sprayer is a fine mist sprayer that can be used to dispense liquids even when upside down, offering the ability for users to spray in all directions for areas that are difficult to reach with standard products. The user simply has to press down on the top of the nozzle to dispense a light, gentle spray, with the possibility of adjustable nozzles for variation in spray pattern. The sprayer attaches to a bottle by its screw on neck, which enables easy refilling. The overcap protects the nozzle and ensures the sprayer does not dispense until pressed.



The 2-way sprayer can be used anywhere, anytime. Regular sprayers generally can’t dispense whilst being held upside down, which is a definite disadvantage for situations where it’s impossible to move your sprayer around. You want a quick, easy and smooth application, which is what a fine mist sprayer provides, even when upside down. This is a unique feature of 2-way sprayers, and the main advantage.


Another benefit is the potential for improved customer satisfaction. Customers can apply products without the frustration of the sprayer not dispensing correctly. Not only does this impress customers, it reflects well on your brand, too, and can be a great way to increase your reputation and sales.


Sprayer Uses

Popular with manufacturers in both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, the 2-way sprayer is a great solution for applying both insect repellents and sun care products. Whereas regular sprayers tend to fail due to their inability to dispense upside down, the easy-to-use 2-way sprayer provides reliable protection as its multi-direction dispensing allows easy access to parts of the body that can be hard to reach, such as our backs.


The flexibility that a 2-way sprayer offers, along with the ease of dispensing, makes it the ideal packaging solution for applying delicate liquid products from any angle. Order your 2-way sprayer from the All In Packaging web shop, or browse our full range for more inspiration.