Everyone is familiar with the novelty toy snake that springs from a can upon opening. But is that actually the strangest thing one might come across when looking at what people use packaging containers for? It turns out there are any number of absurd items people pack. In fact, some are not even items, and might not exist at all.


The first one is no joke, and may seem straight out of a dystopian novel, but ‘fresh’ air is actually sealed into containers and sold. Currently, there is a company in Canada that is selling fresh Canadian mountain air to more polluted parts of the world, like China. One hundred or so inhalations of Canadian air contained in each can will cost the equivalent of twenty USD. Another entrepreneur in England is doing the same with air from the English countryside, which he sells in jars, again, mostly to the Chinese.


Crafty businessmen looking to turn an easy dollar have also been known to pack sand or mud into jars or other glass containers and label it ‘Sand from Tahiti’ or claim it is from other exotic locations, even though the substance may have no connection with that location whatsoever. This is not to devalue to actual pursuit of collecting sand and pebbles from around the world, which is a very real hobby for many people. But if you see ‘Sand from Atlantis’ or ‘Mud from the Fountain of Youth’ don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Know somebody who can’t take a joke? You can have some of your sense of humor bottled and pass it along, though they probably won’t find it funny. Or if that is not enough, get a prescription bottle of ‘laughter’ for anybody who needs a chill pill. Or how about a bottle of happiness, to be opened on dark days when it seems none is available; or its more deadly counterpart: the fart in a jar, which novelty item and gag gift makers have been selling for years now to smelly success.

It seems you can put almost anything in a container. You can even package some things that aren’t even things. Visit our wide selection of jars and bottles at All in Packaging for more ideas. And if it’s a great idea, put it in a jar.  

Picture Source: Envato Elements