A group of winemakers from China have made a new world record by making the Biggest bottle in the world – a bottle of red wine. Lots of media attention and huge applauds for this gigantic wine bottle, the makers of this big wine bottle are now proud to be the world record holders.

Good news for wine lovers, who hate small bottles. They can now at least imagine or dream of having wine from a bottle of a capacity of 1850 liters, which is definitely quite a lot. Wine lovers, who know every detail about aging process of wine, its details about storage in small plastic containers for processing, are a bit worried and a little apprehensive about the introduction of such a big bottle of wine. Does wine from a big bottle taste different? Will you get the same taste of wine when having it from a smaller size bottle? What about the aging process of wine in such a big bottle.

Well – this calls for plenty of studies and lots of analysis. To understand, every bit of wine tasting and if size does matter when we talk about wine bottles, you need to understand the history of wine, its aging process and whether size does matter?

The Idea of Big Bottle

The idea struck when a group of gentleman from Sauternes was sipping wine from a huge 17 liter bottle. Wine lovers present that day, started thinking how it would feel, if they would have that same wine from a bottle which would be of 375ml or a bottle which can store 750ml of wine. It is well known to all that wines age very slow when in large format and the wine was probably the best in such a case. However, the question which often came up is would the wine taste just the same when in small plastic containers or if it was served from a much smaller bottle of wine? This would be understood only when a comparative tasting would be carried out and this would have found out.

So, does size matter? Well, this is a topic of discussion among ladies who are out for a Sunday evening tea party while sipping their favorite drink. The largest bottle of wine was something which would be talked about, thought about and something which awes everyone.

The wine which was in mind for bottling in such a big bottle was Chateau de Rayne Vigneau 2000 which is always a delight to have.  How would Sauternes taste in a huge format? It was probably commissioned by the famous Watson’s wine in Hong Kong, many years ago.

The question which again comes up – does wine in a large format matter? Wines age much slower in large formats than in small bottles, since there is a low ratio of air present in the liquid in bottle. This allows lesser contact with air which is inside and slower and lesser oxidation of wine.

We are quite used to small bottles of wine or the regular small plastic containers or small size plastic bottles hence this 15 feet high wine bottle is a big surprise for wine lovers all over the world. Produced in Northern China, by Wang Chen Wines in Liaoning, this wine bottle has made itself in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It can hold more than three times the amount of wine which is held by previous large bottles, which made records.


Though this big bottle of wine has broken all records, it is definitely not going to be used regularly by wine lovers. Why does Sauternes come in 375 ml format? Is this because it ages fast and you should drink it early? The actual reason is that several wines from Sauternes are made in small quantities and aged in specially designed small plastic containers so that there is plenty of wine for everyone who loves it. Smaller bottles or if it was possible plastic bottles of wine would also be welcome since it was convenient to hold.

History of Big Bottles

In the year January 2009, it was a gentleman Mr Dru McPherson, who was the proprietor and his pretty wife, Irene of the famous Clockhouse Restaurant, who came up with a fine idea, to make a big bottle..  It was his idea, to make the largest bottle of Scotch whiskey, which would have a capacity of more than 1000 liters in volume. This would certainly make a world record, since no other bottle was previously manufactured, which would hold such a huge volume of wine. Ultimately, this bottle made the record and soon became recognized as the ‘Largest Bottle of Scotch Whisky in the World”.

Now, as we all know this record was broken by Chinese wine makers with their creation of a BIG bottle with a capacity of 1850 litres which is actually plenty of wine. Chinese wine does not take into account the actual speed of wine. This enormous big bottle of wine stands at a height of 15 feet, which is itself worth a look.