Producers of containers are constantly looking to make innovations and modifications to their products in order to keep up with consumers’ evolving wants and needs. One such highly successful innovation from way back in the 1980s is the drainback detergent bottle. Primarily used for detergents and fabric softeners, drainback detergent bottles have solved problems for consumers by making the process of using liquid detergent and fabric softener more accurate in measurement, and less messy in use than traditional plastic containers for liquids.


The drainback detergent bottle’s biggest innovation is that there is a spout that extends from its mouth. This doesn’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but also has a functional advantage in that it pours liquid, while at the same time keeps any residual liquid contained. Accurate pouring is always advantageous with cleaning products, which may include liquids like bleach and harsher, potentially hazardous substances that may incur damage if spilled on the wrong surface.


Drainback detergent bottles often come with a drainback cup that also acts as a cap. The cap seals in  way that effectively contains the product during transport and storage. These caps have the added bonus of functioning as measuring cups, making precision of use that much easier.


The design of most drainback detergent bottles also contributes to their desirability, as the handle, usually of an oblong shape, makes for easy pouring. The consumer needn’t worry about the bottle slipping from their grip, or that they will have to use two hands to pour the product. Moreover, the shape makes it easy to extract the detergent or fabric softener, leaving little or no waste.


But even though such bottles have several features in common, they are not all designed the same. Shapes and sizes of the bottle will vary, depending on the requirements of the customer and product on offer. We recommend you visit All In Packaging site to see what drainback detergent bottles we have on offer.