Packaging, when done well, can be as much of an experience as using the product itself. Successful packaging is about staying ahead of the game and offering customers something special. But staying ahead of the game means being innovative with packaging, and today, innovative packaging is all about making it personal.

Consumers increasingly prefer packaging that looks like it was made exclusively for them. Research has shown that customised packaging makes products feel more valuable to the consumer. As a result, more and more brands are opting to make their product packaging more personal, with some even printing the name, and sometimes image, of their customers on product packaging. Add this to the existing ability to custom design packaging, and you’ve got products that are unlike anything else, and brands that are recognisable from packaging alone.

The Forefront of Technology

Personalised packaging has been made possible by technological advancements: 3D printing allows for affordable, custom made packaging, and digital technology developments have led to tools that enable brands to connect with consumers by creating and supplying individually personalised products and packaging labels. We’re making use of such technology at Nordtek: creating fully customised packaging that can be produced in the exact quantities required (thanks to 3D printing making this cheaper). This technology is affordable, reduces waste and is levelling the playing field to allow brands of all sizes to have personalised products and subsequent marketing campaigns on a modest budget.

Personalised packaging is a way of enabling the consumer to have a sense of ownership over their products; it gives brands the opportunity to create packaging that’s unique to the recipient, based on their requirements. At Nordtek, our customised packaging services mean we can design and produce custom made packaging according to a customer’s specific needs and requests. As we take steps towards more personalised products, the end result is customised products that differ from anything else available.

Personalised Packaging from Nordtek

In efforts to adopt more personalised packaging, you can now design and order tailor-made packaging using Nordtek’s customised packaging service. Progressing technology has resulted in the ability to provide cheaper custom designs, offering fully customised packaging, in conveniently low quantities, at an affordable cost. Covering the entire design process, from sketches to 3D prototypes to the final product, Nordtek’s customised packaging services including design, label printing and 3D printing. Customers will receive a product that is fully customised and entirely individual.

Customised label printing, tailor made bottles and trigger sprayer shroud customisation are a few of the products to come from our customised packaging service. With the ability for you to decide exactly the shape of trigger sprayer shroud, or bottle design, our creative consultants turn your ideas into graphic design proofs, which we can then produce exclusively for you using our own product molds. We also provide unique labels for just about any surface, including a range of speciality labels, for further personalisation.

Products with a USP

Specially designed products that are original to the customer stand out from other products available as they offer something unique and personalised to the customer, providing a more tailored user experience. As Nordtek creative consultants create a product based solely on your ideas and requirements, you receive a product that is completely individual and unlike anything else on the market. The advantage of this – other than distinguishing your product from others that are available – is that it offers your brand a unique selling point, which increases marketing opportunities. In saturated industries, having something that helps your product to stand apart from the rest in order to attract customers and lead to sales is vital.

As personalised packaging steps into the forefront of consumer trends, Nordtek’s customised packaging service helps you to create and manufacture high quality, unique products at affordable prices. Take a look at our design services to see how we can help you turn your ideas into reality.