How often do you take a minute to look over the food label of a cookie package or your beverage container or juice packet?

Most of us take a mere second or two to check the ‘best before’ date, so that we can be assured that the product we are consuming is fresh. If you are not spending time reading food labels, it is essential that you engage in this practice as soon as possible. Food labels are quite important and have been used for ages to keep food safety requirements in mind. Today, it is crucial to read carefully the foods’ label so that you are aware of the contents, nutrients, and other details of the food that is packaged inside.

The Role of Food Labels:

Food labels have an important role, and play an active part in informing buyers about the nutritional value of the products, the ingredients, any health claims, and also the presence of any allergens that could potentially be life threatening. Such information is useful and can help people in deciding whether they should consume a particular kind of food. Today, it is mandatory for food producers to include all nutrition and ingredient information on the labels of consumer products.

Important For Customers:

Food labels are quite important for customers. Food producers need to inform themselves of the rules and regulations of the country where the product will be sold, before labels are sent for printing. Each country has a separate set of rules, usually regulated by the food safety authority of the specific country. When consumers look through the labels, they are made aware of the contents and therefor know what they are consuming. In order to make the labels interesting and to attract the attention of customers, manufacturers try to make the labels well-designed and engaging.

Learn More About The Product:

It is important to read the food packaging label thoroughly before using the product, because it helps in understanding what is unique to that product, or how the product is different from other similar products. If the package has a recognizable logo, an interesting, clear design, clarity of information, and all necessary information about the product, it helps customers in understanding the value of the product. When you read through a product label, there are a few things you will always find, including:

  • Information about the product

  • A Message for buyers/users

  • An interesting food label design with an image, colours, logo, and font.

Learn How To Store:

Besides offering reading about nutritional information and ingredients, food packaging labelling, can include necessary information on how to store the product. It includes details about how to safely keep the product and retain its suitability for use. If you don’t read the storing instructions, it might happen that you end up storing the product in the wrong way, thus incurring damage.

Reading the food label also helps in understanding the product’s recommended serving size and calorie details. This is especially important for those who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight level.

Next time when you are using a food product, we recommend you not ignore the labelling, and do your best to read through all details very carefully.