103534,103535,103536The usage of plastic bottles has gained a lot of popularity lately owing to various reasons. More and people are now ditching glass bottles and metal cans for plastic bottles for added ease and convenience in how they store, carry and consume beverages.
This article will take a look into the importance of using plastic bottles and explain this why you should switch to using plastic bottles for why manufacturers should also switch to making plastic bottles.
Saves Energy 
Plastic bottles help save energy as minimal resources are required when you talk about the production. Secondly, transporting light weight plastic bottles is relatively more convenient. Plastic bottles, compared to metal cans and glass bottles, in their production phase use an approximate of twenty five percent less energy i.e. crude oil hydrocarbons and natural gas along with raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process. It is therefore, a very energy efficient food packaging solutions as significantly less quantities of greenhouse gases are produced and released in the atmosphere. Similarly, owing to their low weight, less energy is also consumed in transportation and distribution.
The plastic bottles and food packaging boxes are recyclable and can also be reused.  This is the reason why a majority of people are switching to using them. Plus, more people are now also aware of going green, which is why people look forward to using plastic bottles. An increased number of plastic food packaging containers including soft drink containers are increasingly being recycled giving rise to environmental healthy trends.  Moreover, the plastic industry is further intents to accelerate the recycling rate as a part of their commitment to a healthier environment and provide more effective solutions to solid waste dumping complications. Further, research suggests that recycling plastic bottles further results in 50-60% of energy saving that would otherwise be required to manufacture the bottle from the scratch.
Plastic bottles are also more convenient as compared to glass and other materials as you do not risk breaking them upon accidentally dropping them. This is the reason that more and more food packaging manufacturers are opting to use plastic bottles as packaging for their beverages.
Plastic bottles are also light-weight compared to glass bottles and metal cans. And because of this fact and added convenience, many food manufacturers are introducing plastic food packaging bags and plastic jars for things like jams, honey, canned goods, etc.
Thus, plastic bottles are not merely convenient and light-weight, but are also energy efficient and recyclable, which is the reason why there is so much hype about plastic these days.