Craft paper eco-friendly food packaging with cherries. Disposable cups on a neutral gray background with copy space. Preserving nature and recycling concept.Green Packaging – another step towards saving our planet! More and more companies are now moving away from conventional packaging materials and methods and increasingly using green packaging, for transporting goods.  Well, experts believe that green packaging has several benefits which is one of the main reasons why companies are slowly converting towards green packaging.

Green packaging certainly helps the environment – undoubtedly it is eco-friendly and natural. Companies adopting green packages are not causing any harm to the environment. Green packaging has the sole motive of taking care of the international concern related to poor waste management and teeming landfall. Thus, as responsible citizens and being socially conscious and being progressive companies started looking for alternative ways of traditional packaging.

So, what are the benefits of this eco-friendly packaging system? Is it also going to help your company in any way?

Recyclable –This was the main purpose of using green packaging materials – the products which are used in the making of this specialized packagaes can be recycled. This means they are not made from dangerous plastic materials which can contaminate water bodies and soil when they are ultimately discarded. This means, when products are delivered home and you no longer need the package, you just need to recycle them which helps to reuse them again.So, no undue pressure on the environment and no piling up of garbage and clogging of water outlets!

Conserving –Environmentalists have always stressed the importance and need of conserving our resources from constant harm caused due to increased levels of pollution and deforestation. Piling industrial wastes of toxic chemicals and other materials is constantly harming the environment in several ways. Cutting down the use of certain petroleum based products is surely going to save our environment.

Great Way To Save Money –A big reason for adopting green packaging. True – who doesn’t wish to save money? When the issue of saving our environment was first raised and the need was felt for changing in packaging system, the first question which was raised was about the cost factors? Saving the environment and doing ones bit is certainly a big reason, but do you think companies would have so happily adopted eco friendly packaging system, if they had to cough up a big amount? Certainly not! With the adoption of green packages, it was estimated that excess baggage will be reduced which will make lighter packages. This meant reduction in shipment costs and the use of few material for packaging. This was a great boost!

If your business relies heavily on transportation and spends a great amount on transport costs, you definitely need to switch over to green packagaing. Transportation is tied very closely to energy and when logistics are managed really well, costs too are managed well. As more and more companies are designing and moving ahead with eco friendly packages, it is surely going to help the environment and minimize transportation costs too. This will happen only when packaging material is ecofriendly and designed to be recyled. Thus, companies have gladly adopted green packaging for its many benefits.

Customers are now socially conscious and quite aware! You do not need to explain how important it is to save the environment. Everyone looks forward to do their own bid in a way to save the environment. Shopping malls and restaurants have reported about customers willing to take products, especially food products only in ecofriendly packages. Thus, increased use of eco-friendly and green materials is actually helping companies in meeting the needs of customers. Not just this, it has been observed that customers are now showing keen interest in establishments which use eco-friendly materials- another reason why companies are increasingly using green packaging.

It is time to give this a serious thought, if you have a company and still not using green packaging. Wouldn’t you love to proudly announce that your products are sent in green packages, made from natural products and you or your business is doing to harm to the environment? Global warming, increasing pollution levels and the rising levels of toxins in our environment is our problem and we need to take care of things. What are you doing for a greener earth?

By using green packaging you are:

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Saving the environment from moving towards destruction
  •  Reducing your waste disposal costs
  • Helping your products stand out from the rest
  • Gaining tremendous satisfaction of not adding the increasing levels of global pollution and doing your own bit to save the planet.

It is time to consider green packaging seriously – for the benefit of the environment, for your own benefit and for the benefit of everyone around us. It is time to change our world and do our bit to make it a better and a healthier place for living.

Picture Source: Envato Elements