Spring time is coming, bringing with it lots of sunshine. But the extra hours of daylight also highlight all the dust that’s accumulated in our homes over the winter months. The obvious solution is a spring clean, and for this we need to use a range cleaning products, with the most popular choice of packaging for these products being bottles with trigger sprayers.


Trigger sprayers and bottles are commonly used for products such as window and glass cleaners, kitchen surface cleaners and other similar thin liquids, as they provide a quick and easy application of liquids onto targeted surfaces. This is the ideal way to tackle dusty and dirty areas of your home.


Why Trigger Sprayers?

Convenience and safety are two of the main reasons consumers love trigger sprayers, making them the perfect packaging item for cleaning products which can sometimes be hazardous. Trigger sprayers are a useful and customer friendly form of packaging. With a squeeze of the trigger handle all that’s needed to operate the sprayer function, their simple application means products can be applied to any surface and they are generally extremely reliable. The trigger sprayer nozzle determines spraying patterns, such as spraying in a wider or narrower radius, and shooting or creating foam, as well as providing accurate dispensing so that you only apply cleaning products to the areas that need it – whether kitchen top surfaces or patio windows. Trigger sprayers also have a comfortable grip, offering perfect ergonomic design which assures comfortable handling for your spring clean.


The advantage of choosing trigger sprayers with bottles for spring cleaning products is the huge sortiment that’s available. There’s a wide range of sprayers and bottles on offer, depending on your spray requirements and surface area size to be cleaned. With both standard sprayers and mini trigger sprayers available, you can choose a sprayer that best fits your product viscosity and cleaning needs. Trigger sprayers can be combined with a variety of bottles in different shapes and sizes, each offering specific volume storage. Certain bottles are best suited to particular cleaning products. Trigger sprayers with bottles are also available in packaging sets, taking the stress out of choosing the right packaging, as the matching process has already been done for you.


Reputation for Reliability

When selecting trigger sprayers for your spring clean it’s important to choose trigger sprayers from reliable sellers. Given their reputation for convenience and reliability, the biggest headache for users is if the trigger sprayer doesn’t work properly, which can happen if purchasing low quality sprayers. An unreliable trigger sprayer can destroy the whole image and reputation of a product, so choosing high quality trigger sprayers from trustworthy sources is vital for success.


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