User friendly packaging is something that gives your product an advantage when consumers are making that crucial decision at the point of purchase. Knowing that the product and packaging was designed with their needs in mind reinforces whatever thought was put into making that product appealing and desirable. Investing in user friendly packaging is something to keep in mind when choosing the right container for so many different types of products.


What does user friendly packaging mean? Foremost it has the convenience of the end user in mind. We are talking about messier items like lotions face lotions or sunscreens that are best applied directly to the skin without getting one’s free hand greasy. Or items like shampoo or shower gel, when it is frequently the case that both the user’s hands will be damp or occupied in the shower. With user friendly packaging, like tubes that feature one-click opening caps, which can be flicked open with a finger or thumb, the end user will see the benefits regularly, and will have no reason to migrate from the brand, provided they like the product. Compared with a screw-off top it is much easier to use. Moreover, the convenience extends to closing the container as well. Nobody wants to have to use their teeth to grip a screw top to get a product open or closed.


It is also known that older people prefer user friendly packaging, the type that will allow them ease of use without stressing arthritic joints or forever trying to open a tightly sealed screw-top container. The same goes for children who will enjoy user friendly packaging for child-safe products.


These days, the consumer has more choice than ever. If they are at the store and identify your product with comfort and ease of use, that can only be good in achieving sales. User friendly packaging is just one more way to attract and retain customers, by taking their needs into account, and delivering convenience of use when they want it most.


Have a look at our range of user friendly packaging and consider the advantages on offer.