People don’t really talk about foot care products as openly as other wellness and body care products, and the foot care section in the pharmacy is usually off in some dark remote corner. But foot care is actually a large and growing market, and with good reason. Healthy feet are crucial to all-around body health and happiness. Just because our feet are so frequently hidden under socks and shoes, doesn’t mean they should be ignored when it comes to maintenance and pampering.


Researchers project that the global foot care market will grow to close to 4 billion US dollars annually by 2022. That’s a lot of foot cream, and reflects ordinary consumers’ desire to attend to all aspects of their appearance. While women primarily drive the foot care market, other factors contribute to its robust growth as well, like improved manufacturing methods for orthodontic products and our increased exposure to new foot ailments. Men are also getting on board for having healthier, better looking feet, and there are product lines solely dedicated to men’s foot care products.


Foot care items see a bump in sales in the summer, due to increased sweat from the heat. Odor preventing sprays and creams to treat athlete’s foot, which thrives in a foot’s warm, humid atmosphere, are popular foot care items. Creams and lotions to sooth chafed feet that dry out in the sun, or at the beach, help when it comes to keeping feet in good shape. Smart consumers know, however, that good foot care begins with caring for the foot itself, by keeping it clean and dry. This is why simply using talcum powder will go a long way in keeping you from having to use athlete’s foot cream or odor-eating insoles.


At All In Packaging we have multiple items that service the foot care industry, which uses tubes with screw caps, jars, fine mist sprayers, spray cans, and bottles. Because the foot care market is growing, we also have to stay dynamic and attuned to the range of products out there. Stop by our All in Packaging site, and if you don’t see what you need, feel free to ask a representative.