We all know that in summer the weather can get unbearably hot. Not everybody can afford an air-conditioner, and many in fact prefer not to have one for health reasons. That doesn’t mean that creative people don’t have options for DIY solutions to hack summer and keep cool. Read on and discover a few simple ideas for beating the heat using inexpensive products available at the All In Packaging webshop.

The most popular idea for staying cool is of course keeping a bottle of water on hand. Not only will cold water refresh the body, but it will protect you from dehydration, one of the main dangers of hot summer weather. But that bottle can be used for so much more. How about repurposing it into a cold-water bottle? Do this by filling the bottle with water, then placing it in the freezer. A few hours later, you will have a chilly bottle of ice. Wrap a towel around it and hug it close to cool you while you sleep.

There are also a few daytime solutions that rely on nothing more than a fan and a bowl or bottle. One option is to poke holes in a plastic bottle. Fill the bottle with ice, then lash it to the screen of a fan, allowing the breeze to blow through the ice. Boom! You have a homemade air conditioner. An easier option for a similar effect is to place a bowl of ice in front of a stationary fan, letting the air run over the ice and hit you like a cool breeze off a frozen tundra.

Or you can add some fun into the mix. Get hold of one of our sprayers, fill it with cold water and spray yourself, or, better yet, spray somebody else. Or, and this may sound counter-intuitive, drink something hot. In constantly hot regions of the world like India, they swear by hot drinks to keep cool, and science backs up that claim. Keep an athletic bottle of warm tea or chai around to test the theory.

At All In Packaging, you won’t have to break a sweat looking for our wide range of products to repurpose into DIY air conditioners and coolants. Stop by and see our selection of bottles, bowls, and other cool products to beat the heat.

*source: 50campfires.com